For LI entrepreneurs, a bevy of biz-building resources

By PHIL RUGILE // I’ve talked a lot about how startups can utilize physical spaces and how, as region, we need more centers for innovation. But meanwhile, we already have dozens of startups popping up every month – and they won’t necessarily wait around for the right space or support. If there’s no easy way to find what they need, they’ll go somewhere they think can assist them. In our case, that typically means a…

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‘Quintessential’ leader McCall retires from SUNY board

By GREGORY ZELLER // With some 50 appointed university and college presidents and two appointed chancellors under his belt, H. Carl McCall is taking a victory lap. The chairman of the State University of New York Board of Trustees announced his retirement this week, after 12 years on the board and eight as its chair. The 83-year-old icon – a former New York state comptroller under Gov. Mario Cuomo, New York State Senator from Manhattan…

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Sales soar, but MSC can’t manufacture a winning 2Q

  MSC INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY CO. Headquarters: Melville Industry: Capital goods NYSE: MSM Reporting Date: April 10, 2019 Reporting Quarter: 2Q FY2019 Quarter Ended: March 31, 2019 Numbers: Net second-quarter sales were reported as $823 million, a 7 percent increase over the $769 million reported for the same quarter last fiscal year. However, quarterly net income declined sharply year-over-year, down 41.8 percent to $68.4 million, and diluted earnings per share followed, dropping 39.8 percent to $1.24….

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