Global sales: Brad Hemingway, executive director of the Islip Foreign Trade Zone Authority, has good things to say about Ronkonkoma's Foreign Trade Zone No. 52. (Photo by Bob Giglione)

Reaching out from LI’s only Foreign Trade Zone

By GREGORY ZELLER // With a fresh deal and room to grow, Long Island’s only designated Foreign Trade Zone is in expansion mode. The 52-acre Ronkonkoma industrial park – officially known as Islip Foreign Trade Zone No. 52 – contains three undeveloped parcels. They’re each under 4 acres, but collectively could accommodate some 120,000 square feet of additional professional space. So, with 35 different companies filling the zone’s 14 existing buildings to capacity, Brad Hemingway’s…

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Changing of the border guard: Medford-based Chembio Diagnostics has made some moves with its roster of international executives.

International intrigue at Medford’s Chembio

By GREGORY ZELLER // With declining Latin American sales contributing to a revenues losing streak, Chembio Diagnostics has shaken up its international rotation. The Medford-based biotech, which manufactures rapid point-of-care tests for HIV and syphilis, has had its ups and downs, and the latter have largely occurred south of the border. Reporting in March on the 2015 fiscal year, CEO John Sperzel pinned steep revenue and sales drops on a product glut in Mexico and…

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Open and shut case: Tula Industries is looking to prevent shower-product thefts before they happen with the patent-pending Shlocker.

Beware, bathroom burglars: Shlocker’s locked in

By GREGORY ZELLER // It was the toothbrush on the floor that got him. Tal Berke wouldn’t be the first inventor to think up a new-and-improved product in the shower, though his a-ha moment had as much to do with frustration as inspiration. He remembers the last straw clearly: Home from work, ready for a shower and a relaxing evening, and then bam. Shampoo gone. Razor dripping with someone else’s residual stubble. And the toothbrush……

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