The shutdown and you: A Long Islander’s guide

By JEFF GUILLOT // One thing I drill into the collective consciousness of students every semester is that the role of the federal government in your daily life is minimal, compared to state and local governments. In normal, peaceful times, the average citizen only interacts with the federal government if they are interacting with the military or the immigration system. Virtually every other element of your day-to-day interactions with government are at more localized levels,…

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A healthy startup with roots, from Long Island to Peru

By GREGORY ZELLER // It took Chris Cianciulli more than two decades to find his true calling – but when he did, it couldn’t have been any sweeter. It certainly wasn’t for lack of trying. Cianciulli, founder of Plainview-based TraLa LLC and creator of its flagship organic coffee sweeteners, explored many possibilities over a quarter-century of professional development. But it wasn’t until he came across a little-known South American plant – and unlocked a potentially…

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Growing nationally, Jericho ed-tech ace refocuses on LI

By GREGORY ZELLER // An innovative edu-tech platform designed to digitally instruct New York State students still has a few things to learn itself. So, Jericho-based iTutor is recruiting a polished Advisory Board of current and former teachers, school administrators and superintendents, a move meant to enhance both student achievement – specifically, Long Island student achievement – and the company’s bottom line. iTutor’s digital platform supports public school districts by connecting New York State-certified teachers…

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