At the Cradle of Aviation, STEM inspires (in a ‘Big’ way)

By GREGORY ZELLER // One of Long Island’s most innovative institutions is sharing some big-screen inspiration with tomorrow’s brightest minds. As part of its National Engineers Week (Feb. 17-23) observations, which also include Feb. 21’s National Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, the Cradle of Aviation Museum is featuring the exhilarating documentary “Dream Big” in its giant-screened Dome Theater, where senses-shattering IMAX technology awaits. Narrated by Academy Award-winner Jeff Bridges and produced by MacGillivray Freeman…

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If the UV-decontaminated shoe fits, thank MIDI

By GREGORY ZELLER // After 30 years in the healthcare business, Rachel Dombrowsky understands very well the dangers of hospital-acquired infections. Also, shoes kind of gross her out. So Dombrowsky embarked on an ambitious “science project,” literally on the ground floor: Floors are the most “unappreciated pool of pathogens” in a hospital environment, she noted, “more contaminated than bedrails or even toilets” – and yet, little scientific progress has been made when it comes to…

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Loving the Drake (and other productions) at LG Studios

By GREGORY ZELLER // They’re living it up in Edgewood, where “The Donna Drake Show” has a new name and a new home. The relentlessly optimistic, widely syndicated video magazine – featuring the eponymous host and a team of chipper correspondents serving up slices of life with studio guests and remote reports – has a new home base: LG Studios, a three-headed collaboration by Lorraine Gregory Communications, Hauppauge-based production studio Mirrorland Productions and the Drake…

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