At Roosevelt Field, a 21st Century retail rewrite

By GREGORY ZELLER // With the holiday shopping season spooling up, and brick-and-mortar retailers facing ever-stiffening e-commerce competition, an innovative “turnkey retail platform” is set to debut at Roosevelt Field. Simon Property Group, the Indiana-based manager of an enormous global portfolio of retail and entertainment destinations, is preparing to flip the switch on The Edit@Roosevelt Field, a first-of-its-kind “experiential retail space that blurs the lines of physical space,” Simon says. Metaphysical anomalies notwithstanding, The Edit@Roosevelt…

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farmingdale banner

They were brew-tours before brew-tours were cool

By GREGORY ZELLER // Before everyone and their brother was offering bus tours of Long Island’s brew pubs and vineyards, there was Tapped Enterprises. The Ronkonkoma-based brainchild of President Kevin Bowker actually launched in 2008, first as a purveyor of what the founder called “dorm décor” – posters, flags and other beer-themed accouterments for the college set. But by 2012, still years before leave-the-driving-to-us tours of Long Island’s craft-beverage scene were in vogue, the enterprise…

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Cancer-battling Einsteins sing “executioner’s” song

By GREGORY ZELLER // Clinical researchers are trumpeting a novel compound that causes cancer cells to self-destruct – without affecting healthy cells. A team of biochemistry-focused scientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine announced its discovery in Monday’s issue of Cancer Cell, a peer-reviewed medical journal. According to the article, “Direct Activation of BAX by BTSA1 Overcomes Apoptosis Resistance in Acute Myeloid Leukemia,” their novel compounds essentially cause cancer cells to commit suicide by…

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