LIU poll: Climate change is real, and it’s not too late

By GREGORY ZELLER // Great swaths of the country may still register as “the base,” but a vast majority of Americans break from President Donald Trump on the key topic of climate change. That according to Brookville-based Long Island University, which this week released a new Hornstein Center poll showing nearly 80 percent of Americans are climate-change believers. Not only that, but the poll shows that more than three-quarters of Americans believe humans have contributed…

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Hempstead IDA drives school bus company’s new HQ

By GREGORY ZELLER // The wheels on the bus go round and round in Hempstead, where the Industrial Development Agency has finally finalized an economic-incentives package for a leading school bus operator. Approved in September and closed Nov. 30, the Town of Hempstead IDA’s undisclosed tax-abatement deal will help Port Washington-based Dell Transportation Corp. acquire 1.37 acres at the intersection of Kellum Place and Union Place in the Village of Hempstead. Dell Transportation is planning…

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Microscopic imaging for any science? You better ThINC

By GREGORY ZELLER // Stony Brook University is living large at one of the smallest ideas it ever had. If you’re a multinational fragrance company based on Long Island, or a marine scientist studying trace elements in North Shore shellfish populations, or a civil engineer trying to mitigate South Shore coastal erosion in an era of climate change-charged superstorms, you’re likely familiar with SBU’s Thermonuclear & Imaging Nanoscale Characterization Laboratory. Others probably don’t give ThINC…

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