I am your father's videogames: Game On owner Tristan Whitworth, not really a dark-side kind of guy.

For autistic gamers, the old school rules

By GREGORY ZELLER // In a world ruled by Nathan Drake and Master Chief, a passionate video gamer has taken the entrepreneurial plunge with the Mario brothers and an old-school hedgehog. As digital art and functionality have leapt forward, so have videogames, with cinema-quality graphics, deep storylines and a multitude of complex controls. But some longtime players would suggest the gaming industry has lost its way: the characters of the popular “Uncharted” and “Halo” series…

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Chiller theatre: MindYolk CEO Paul Lipsky tries his hand at horror-film production, part of a new virtual-reality project.

Reality takes a twisted turn (virtually) at MindYolk

By GREGORY ZELLER // At MindYolk Animation Studios, ’tis the season … for demented clowns, undead beasts and other freakish feasts. Sure, you’re loosening your belt from leftover turkey gravy, Walk 97.5 has gone all “Jingle Bells” and the car commercials remind us incessantly that this is (largely) the season of Christmas lights and Hanukkah menorahs and the Baby Jesus (in no particular order). But at the Plainview-based 3D animation studio, it’s full-on Halloween, thanks…

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Helping you co-cope: The long-awaited Moiety scheduling app is killing it in Vietnam and China -- and soon, maybe at a small business near you.

Hot Moiety eyes ‘enhancements,’ Android

A month after it hit the ground running, Moiety is finding its legs. So says Woodbury-based Aeonic Ventures LLC, which this week reported on the progress of its flagship scheduling app, roughly a month after launching in the App Store. Designed to be useful to any social group but especially to divorced or separated co-parents and their “crews,” the app debuted on iOS devices Oct. 19, and Aeonic Ventures “couldn’t be happier” with its performance….

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