A Commack High School innovator makes his pitch at the June 21 meeting of the Suffolk County Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club.

Giving high school inventors the business

By GREGORY ZELLER // A sensor-filled table to assist the autistic, an innovative method to save subway stations from storm-surge flooding … no doubt about it, these students were thinking big. Creative teams from Commack High School’s groundbreaking Science Research Program brought their brains, and their hearts, to this week’s meeting of the Suffolk County Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club. The annual visit gave the young thinkers a chance to showcase their next-level ideas and inventions,…

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Gerrit Wolf: Not sheepish about Long Island innovation.

Gerrit Wolf is minding innovation’s business

The Innovation Center stands out from Stony Brook University’s rich selection of business incubators and entrepreneurship programs for many reasons, but the first is this: Unlike the university’s other business-development programs, this one stems from SBU’s College of Business. Under the guiding hand of Gerrit Wolf, a management professor who earned his PhD in psychology from Cornell University, the center matches real-world business development to the sky-high science coming out of SBU’s research labs, while…

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"On Your Feet" (and in your seat) with a little Spanish-speaking help from Fantastico.

A front-row seat to the Hispanic market

By GREGORY ZELLER // Some people want to build walls. Others want to help Hispanics score good seats for the futbol match. Fantástico, a Spanish-speaking online ticket retailer, falls squarely into that latter group. Launched this week by New York City-based Schramm Marketing Group, the Northport-based subsidiary caters exclusively to online audiences that habla espanol with tickets to a wide selection of concerts, stage shows, movies and sporting events around Greater New York. Schramm Marketing…

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