For Northwell 3D, the Q-tip of the innovation iceberg

By GREGORY ZELLER // A 3D-printed nasal swab created by a multistate academic-industry collaboration is up to snuff, and has begun circulating through resources-strapped healthcare facilities. Northwell Health – partnering with the University of South Florida and Massachusetts-based additive-manufacturing expert Formlabs – has successfully tested prototype swabs meeting federal standards for COVID-19 testing. The swabs, comprised of “biocompatible autoclavable resins” from Formlabs’ stocks and based on initial designs out of USF’s 3D Clinical Applications Division,…

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All things being unequal, Hofstra’s Challenge lives on

By GREGORY ZELLER // Health equity – a concept freshly redefined by our times – takes center stage in this year’s Healthcare Entrepreneurship Community Challenge. Hofstra University’s long-running entrepreneurship competition is offering $50,000-plus in cash and business-resource prizes to early-stage enterprises addressing socialized healthcare problems in underserved Long Island, New York City and Hudson Valley communities. This year’s “challenge topic” is “advancing health equity,” focused on innovative products and services that “improve the total health…

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With FluChecker, a doctor in every house (virtually)

By GREGORY ZELLER // Chelsea Health Solutions was remotely diagnosing symptoms before remotely diagnosing symptoms was cool. Now, with a global pandemic spreading, it’s ready to rock. Founded in New York City in 2017 by surgeon/entrepreneur Soumi Eachempati and multiple investor partners, including other healthcare professionals, the startup creates AI-powered mobile apps that serve as surrogate doctors, helping potential patients determine if they need to see a specialist, speed to the emergency room or simply…

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