Rolling Motion rolls out next-gen traction drive

By GREGORY ZELLER // Everywhere he goes, John Pawloski causes friction. And that’s a good thing, especially for Rolling Motion Industries, Pawloski’s North Babylon-based 2016 startup. Rolling Motion is the exclusive (so far) manufacturer of the RMI Traction Drive, a super-efficient transmission system that masters “rolling friction” principles and aims to become an indispensable industrial cog. It looks like the cog has legs: This month, Pawloski’s enterprise received its first order through a newly established…

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Thinking big, about the subconscious of coding

By GREGORY ZELLER // In an age ruled by digital interfaces and computerized systems, Noreen Kazi and Nisha Bhalla may have cracked the code. Neither is, by education or inherent skill, a natural coder. But the entrepreneurial sisters are both scientists: Kazi studied physical therapy at Stony Brook University before pausing to raise a family, while Bhalla earned an MBA at Harvard University and made a career of launching high-tech startups for larger corporations, focused…

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Study: Babylon IDA tax cuts spurred $600M in activity

Take a bow, Babylon Industrial Development Agency: You leveraged just $6 million in tax incentives into nearly 100 times that in economic activity, and created some 10,000 new jobs, in just five years. So says “Investing in Babylon: A Study of Babylon’s Economy to Plan for the Future,” a 45-page dissertation following 80 transactions incentivized by the Babylon IDA between 2011 and 2015. The economic impact analysis, conducted by the agency in conjunction with the…

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