Cold Spring Harbor Laboraatory

Debrief: Learning as we go with Imin Kao

On-the-job learning has never been a problem for Stony Brook University engineering professor Imin Kao, who directs the university’s Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence and in January succeeded Jeffrey Saelens as executive director of the SBU-anchored Manufacturing and Technology Resource Consortium. Kao, who earned a PhD in mechanical engineering from Stanford University in 1991 and has been part of Stony Brook’s Department of Mechanical Engineering faculty since 1994, is still learning to juggle his myriad…

Hairpin tops $1M in RNA licensing deals

A Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory spinoff with less than a year under its belt has sped past $1 million in licensing revenue on the lab’s patented “short hairpin RNA” technology. Ronkonkoma-based Hairpin Technologies was launched in 2015 to expand the commercial distribution of, and develop new research uses for, shRNA, a versatile biomedical research and drug-discovery tool invented by Gregory Hannon, a CSHL professor and former researcher at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Maryland….