John Cameron Jr.

No. 429: Classic cartoons, downtown dreams and the nitrogen nuisance – plus, it curves!

  Middle ground: It’s Wednesday, dear readers, and you’re halfway through this latest summery week of socioeconomic innovation. Keep it up. Today is Aug. 14, and if you had the real-life, rebellious Macbeth killing his cousin, King Duncan I (in battle, not in bed), and assuming the Scottish throne on this date in 1040, glè mhath! Here’s a voucher for 100 silver sceats, redeemable in the casino. Best laid plans: To our many readers in…

Region unites against LI’s nitrogen nightmare

By JOHN CAMERON JR. // Each summer, annual reminders of our region’s water-quality crisis – including fish kills, toxic algal blooms and others – reappear. While there are a number of causes for the poor quality of many of our coastal and inland waterways, “nitrogen loading” has been a main culprit. Nitrogen from fertilizer and human waste enters our waterways and causes the excessive growth of algae. which uses up dissolved oxygen and blocks sunlight….