public relations

PR and the pandemic: charting a challenging course

By DAVID CHAUVIN // CNN had the results of the Florida Democratic Primary as its top story for maybe 10 minutes – results that would seem to have effectively ended the historic presidential campaign of the once-transcendent Bernie Sanders and solidified Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee. Nary a blip in our public consciousness. And just one of the astonishing changes crystalizing what coronavirus has done to the national conversation. All news is now COVID-19,…

Your product isn’t the product, and other PR truths

By DAVID CHAUVIN // Early in über-successful streetwear designer Bobby Hundreds’ (real name Bobby Kim) book “This Is Not a T-Shirt,” there’s a striking passage that sent me thinking about my industry, public relations: We’ll sell you a T-shirt, Bobby writes, but not before we tell you about the artist behind it or his or her message. Our stores are less about sales and profit and more about providing a venue to experience our culture….