Qunnect LLC

No. 465: In which Pathways emerge, Qunnect connects, Hoplite hops to it and BNL accelerates, big time

  Like magic: Blink and you might have missed it, dear readers, as the first full workweek of 2020 nears its end and we approach an unusually warm winter weekend. That voodoo that you do: It’s Friday, Jan. 10, on Planet Earth, and to our many readers in Benin – the tiny West African nation known best as the birthplace of voodoo – a spirit-pleasing Fête du Vodoun. Here in the States, no voodoo dolls…

After successful seed, Qunnect set for ludicrous speed

By GREGORY ZELLER // Marking another quantum leap for cybersecure long-distance communications, a high-tech Stony Brook University spinoff has completed a key financing round. Qunnect LLC, a 2017 startup launched by a Stony Brook PhD and the head of the university’s Quantum Information Technology Group, has closed its $800,000 seed round, an oversubscribed financing cycle backed by the Accelerate NY Seed Fund, French venture-capital fund Quantonation – the first VC fund dedicated to quantum technologies…

Startup eyes quantum leap in ‘unhackable’ networking

By GREGORY ZELLER // Quantum-memory applications that can prevent hackers from accessing digital-communications networks? At room temperature? Pshaw, you say! Actually, you probably don’t say “pshaw” or make any other dismissive comment, because unless you’re a quantum-information expert with a PhD in nanotechnology – or you’re otherwise familiar with quantum-repeater nodes, single-photon wave packets and other niceties of quantum IT – this likely sounds like so much recycled “Star Trek” gobbledygook. But it’s hardly that….