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No. 387: Old English, new mental-health thinking and please, Albany, Farmingdale State would like some more

  Get your Frīġedæġ on: However you say it, even in Old English, it’s Friday, dear readers – the end of a busy workweek and the precipice of another well-earned weekend. Gōd hælo! Near misses: It’s March 8 on Planet Earth, the earliest day on which Canberra Day (Australia), Decoration Day (Liberia), Passion Sunday (Christianity) and Commonwealth Day (in 53 member states, all former British territories) can fall. Today is none of those days. Dear…

Schools, hospital unite on teen mental-health issues

By GREGORY ZELLER // In an era of unprecedented social pressures, one Long Island school district is teaming up with a local hospital to provide critical mental-health services for students. Amityville-based South Oaks Hospital, part of the Northwell Health system, has partnered with the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District to offer mental-health services to more than 5,000 students in grades seven through 12. Through the program, South Oaks Director of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Sharon…

Northwell, Mather finally head down the aisle

By GREGORY ZELLER // John T. Mather Memorial Hospital and the mighty Northwell Health system will officially tie the knot this week. Kenneth Roberts, president of the Port Jefferson-based hospital, and Michael Dowling, president and CEO of New Hyde Park-based Northwell Health, are scheduled to sign an agreement Thursday that assimilates Mather Hospital into the multiregional health system. Mather Hospital signed a letter of intent in July to join New York State’s largest healthcare operation….