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Discovery Channel joins Alda’s ‘Clear+Vivid’ cast

By GREGORY ZELLER // Decades after “M*A*S*H” and “The West Wing,” screen legend Alan Alda is still crystal clear about his vivid societal mission, which has always combined the entertaining and the enlightening. It’s clear in Alda’s best-known characters, who invariably cut their dry-martini wit with more than a dash of social commentary. And it’s certainly true of “Clear+Vivid,” Alda’s popular podcast, which explores the art of human communication with the veteran performer’s signature depth…

See you in September (not): Stanley stuns SBU, SUNY

By GREGORY ZELLER // From the Didn’t See That Coming file comes the sudden departure of Stony Brook University President Samuel Stanley Jr., who has resigned his position and will step down July 31. Stanley, who become SBU’s fifth president in July 2009, will become the 21st president of Michigan State University, according to several news reports. His decision – which follows a decade-long tenure ripe with physical expansion and award-winning faculty research – has…

In Hennessy, the grad that keeps on gifting

By GREGORY ZELLER // One of Stony Brook University’s highest-achieving graduates is paying back his alma mater in a big way. Former Stanford University President John Hennessy, who earned a master’s degree and a doctorate at SBU in the 1970s, is personally endowing a new computer-science professorship at Stony Brook, using prize money he earned as a recipient of the Association for Computing Machinery’s 2017 Turing Award. The award, given to honor major contributions to…

Stanford legend earns ‘Fame’ from alma mater SBU

By GREGORY ZELLER // A global computer-science legend has received top honors from the Long Island college where he earned his highest academic degrees. Stanford University President Emeritus John Hennessy was inducted Thursday into the Stony Brook University College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Hall of Fame. Hennessy, a longtime professor of electrical engineering and computer science, earned his master of science degree (computer science, 1975) and his PhD (1977) from the SBU engineering college….

No. 239: Clean meat, SR-71s, Uber suits and a DIY self-driving car

TG it’s F: Happy Friday, everybody. It’s Aug. 25, on which the British burned down Washington but spared the U.S. Patent Office. (If you still hold a grudge, calling football “soccer” drives them freaking crazy. Just sayin’.) Happy birthday: Ivan the Terrible, Steve Levy, Amy De Leo, Tim Burton, Sean Connery, Ruby Keeler, Allan Pinkerton, Walt “Pogo” Kelly, Mel Ferrer, Leonard Bernstein, Monty Hall, Regis Philbin, Frederick Forsyth, Rollie Fingers, Elvis Costello, Billy Ray Cyrus and Claudia Schiffer….