SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson

No. 418: On penguins, jokers, Gotham’s water supply and Caith crusaders

  Keep cool: Baby, it’s hot out there, but don’t sweat it – you’ve reached the end of this sunny first week of Summer 2019. Well done, dear reader. It’s June 28 out there – National Insurance Awareness Day and National Tapioca Day, both real – and Alboin, king of the Italian peninsula’s Lombards until his assassination on this date in 572 A.D., is still dead. Not tomorrow, Tau Day: In livelier news, June 28…

No. 401: Manufacturing optimism, planning to win and crusading in capes – plus, the importance of summer schooling 

  May day! Don’t panic, dear readers – it’s merely the first of May and the midpoint of another busy week of socioeconomic innovation (being Wednesday and all). For the record, with a long (and sometimes dark) history extending back thousands of years, May Day is not all maypoles and pies. Let freedom ring: Here in the 21st Century, May 1 marks Armed Forces Day in Mauritania and Constitution Day in both Argentina and Latvia….