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Sales soar, but MSC can’t manufacture a winning 2Q

  MSC INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY CO. Headquarters: Melville Industry: Capital goods NYSE: MSM Reporting Date: April 10, 2019 Reporting Quarter: 2Q FY2019 Quarter Ended: March 31, 2019 Numbers: Net second-quarter sales were reported as $823 million, a 7 percent increase over the $769 million reported for the same quarter last fiscal year. However, quarterly net income declined sharply year-over-year, down 41.8 percent to $68.4 million, and diluted earnings per share followed, dropping 39.8 percent to $1.24….

No. 307: Big Brother beached, commencements classed-up and a big first for Hofstra/Northwell nurses

Nicely done: Kudos, dear reader, on once again rising above the mayhem and reaching the end of another busy work week. It’s May 18 out there – International Museum Day, for those keeping score. War, and remembrance: The then-Kingdom of Great Britain declared war on France on this date in 1756, kicking off the Seven Years War; on the same date in 1803, the United Kingdom declared war on France again, this time ticked off…

No. 282: Honest Abe’s Day Off, stepped-up Suffolk septic systems and a sunny future for cloudy beer

Congratulations, dear reader: You’ve successfully completed another workweek. Your reward: two glorious days without conference rooms or deadlines – or three, if yours is among the 34 percent of U.S. offices closing for Monday’s President’s Day holiday. While students, teachers and virtually all government employees enjoy the day, President’s Day – which kind of floated into fashion in the 1970s, replacing the traditional observances of Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays – has actually fallen behind Martin…