LIU poll: Climate change is real, and it’s not too late

By GREGORY ZELLER // Great swaths of the country may still register as “the base,” but a vast majority of Americans break from President Donald Trump on the key topic of climate change. That according to Brookville-based Long Island University, which this week released a new Hornstein Center poll showing nearly 80 percent of Americans are climate-change believers. Not only that, but the poll shows that more than three-quarters of Americans believe humans have contributed…

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EVs OK, but ICE still have plenty of energy to burn

By BENJAMIN LAWLER // The internal combustion engine is old, inefficient and dirty. Its days are numbered. The future is electric vehicles, which are new, efficient and clean. At least, that what you’ve been told, by people who have a financial interest in propagating EVs. The truth is somewhat different. EVs and ICE-powered vehicles first competed in the late 1800s. But in the early 1900s, the ICE was found to be more desirable due to…

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On the right path in Feinstein Parkinson’s pursuit

By GREGORY ZELLER // A new gene therapy can literally rewire the brains of Parkinson’s disease patients – and may rewrite the book on treatment of the nation’s second most-common neurodegenerative disease. A team of scientists from the Manhasset-based Feinstein Institute for Medical Research has published findings indicating that AAV2-GAD, an emerging Parkinson’s gene therapy, creates new circuits in the brain promoting improved motor skills – setting up AAV2-GAD for a critical final found of…

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