And baby makes 30, as ASC adds new fertility clinic

Fertile ground: Stony Brook Medicine's Island Fertility specialty clinic is bringing new hope to aspiring Long Island parents.

Of all the specialty areas packed inside the Stony Brook Advanced Specialty Care facility, this one might produce the happiest results.

Stony Brook Medicine has officially cut the ribbon – or perhaps cut the cord – on Island Fertility, a state-of-the-art reproductive endocrinology and fertility center that’s taken its place among roughly 30 other centers and practice areas inhabiting the Commack facility.

Island Fertility is designed to provide in vitro fertilization, intrauterine insemination, fertility preservation and other services that address issues of infertility – a godsend to aspiring parents having trouble popping a bun in the oven.

Several of those patients shared their tales of frustration and promising fertility treatments April 30, when Stony Brook Medicine christened the new facility, which started seeing patients last month.

James Stelling: Dreams come true.

Led by doctors James Stelling, Bradley Trivax, Lauren Safier and Richard Bronson, the fertility center – which services between 60 and 80 patients a day and can offer as many as 2,000 fresh IVF cycles annually – is a first for Stony Brook Medicine and “incredibly important for people who are experiencing challenges in starting and growing their families,” according to Stelling, a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist.

“It has been a longtime dream of mine to open a center like this that is so focused on the wellbeing and future happiness of our patients,” Stelling said. “It’s also fitting that we open this center during National Infertility Week and just after the passage of the New York State budget, which will increase access to IVF for millions of New Yorkers.”

Featuring a full range of minimally invasive, in-house diagnostic testing options – including semen analysis, bloodwork for both male and female partners and sonograms for female patients – Island Fertility marks a worthy addition to Stony Brook Advanced Specialty Care’s uniquely varied menu of services, according to Margaret McGovern, Stony Brook Medicine’s vice president for clinical programs and strategy.

Specialties already addressed at the ASC facility include cardiology, geriatrics, infectious diseases, dermatology, neurology and pediatric medicine, among others.

“This is another example of the extraordinary growth Stony Brook Medicine has pursued to serve our existing and new patients,” McGovern said in a statement. “Our model of putting 30 specialties under one roof has experienced tremendous success in Commack and we look forward to more growth in our future.”