At RMF, new legal alternatives for court-weary clients

Giving it their Wurst: Senior Partner Jeffrey Wurst will head up Ruskin Moscou Faltischek's new Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Group.

A top Long Island law firm has significantly expanded its business-focused legal services, with a senior partner heading a new practice group determined to stear clear of the courtroom.

Uniondale-based Ruskin Moscou Faltischek on Tuesday announced its new Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Group, chaired by Senior Partner Jeffrey Wurst, who already co-chairs the firm’s Financial Services, Banking and Bankruptcy Practice Group.

Less interested in telling it to the judge than negotiating one-on-one, the ADR Practice Group is “a natural expansion of non-litigation services we already provide to our clients,” according to Wurst, including arbitration, mediation and negotiated settlements.

These are issues quite familiar to the senior partner, a panelist on the American Arbitration Association’s National Roster of Arbitrators and Mediators. As such, Wurst frequently serves as an impartial mediator or arbitrator in financial disputes.

“[The ADR Practice Group] is reflective of the growing trend toward non-judicial solutions,” added Wurst, a vocal advocate for the use of arbitration in settling commercial matters.

Adam Silvers: Answering the alternative call.

The new group will meet that demand by marshaling myriad Ruskin Moscou Faltischek forces, according to Managing Partner Adam Silvers, who counted quicker conclusions and stronger confidentiality among the benefits of alternative dispute resolutions.

“More and more businesses desire to resolve their disputes outside of the courtroom,” Silvers said Tuesday. “Our ADR Practice Group draws from the vast experience and expertise of our attorneys across our many practice areas to guide our clients to the most effective and efficient resolution.”

The ADR Practice Group will bat seven attorneys to start, including Wurst – an expert in asset-based lending, bankruptcy, commercial loans and other corporate matters – and other veteran attorneys with individual practice areas covering health law, white-collar crime, cybersecurity, corporate governance, employment, trade and other critical commercial concerns.

The well-rounded lineup opens the new ADR Practice Group to current and future clients in virtually any industrial sector, according to its chairman – good news for just about any business interested in avoiding a long and draining court battle.

“No matter what industry – whether finance, trusts and estates, construction, real estate, healthcare, retail or communications – a lengthy business dispute crawling through the court system has the potential to inhibit growth … and in many instances can inflict financial harm,” Wurst said. “Alternative dispute resolution is a faster, less costly and confidential means to resolving disputes.”