Comtech inks $96.2M in new emergency-call contracts

Serious business: Through nearly $100 million in new contracts, Melville telecommunications ace Comtech will provide emergency-contact services for millions of U.S. callers.

A Long Island-based communications cornerstone will manage a 911 emergency network and wireless 911 services affecting millions of U.S. customers, according to a series of new deals.

Melville-based Comtech Telecommunications Corp. has announced a multitude of new contracts with “a major U.S. telecommunications company” providing for various 911-related services.

The first deal – involving Comtech’s Safety and Security Technologies group, part of the company’s Commercial Segment – involves the implementation, maintenance and operational support of “wireless enhanced 911 solutions.” The multi-year, $73.8 million contract covers solutions including the routing of 911 calls from mobile phones to the appropriate response agency and the delivery of a call-back number and location data to the 911 dispatcher, according to Comtech.

The company also announced three separate contracts, these involving the Enterprise Technology and Safety and Security groups, providing for the installation and maintenance of Next Generation 911 Emergency Service IP Networks in multiple states.

Fred Kornberg: Reliable source.

The three separate Next-Gen 911 deals, valued as high as $22.4 million total, include a two-year “initial performance period” and optional three-year extensions, during which time Comtech will service “multiple local, state and federal government customers,” the company said.

Comtech President and CEO Fred Kornberg noted the company, which has worked with this particular major telecom provider before, was “pleased” to continue a relationship that capitalizes on the Melville innovator’s technical solutions.

In fact, Comtech is already thinking about the next next generation of 911 solutions: In addition to supporting current 3G and 4G networks, the wireless-enhanced contract – which starts at two years and includes two potential multi-year extensions – provides for new services to support 5G networks as they launch.

“Public safety agencies across the United States are adopting more modern technologies such as IP-based communications including text, data and photos that enhance the speed and accuracy of first responders,” Kornberg said, adding the contracts represented “a testament to the quality and high reliability of Comtech’s market-leading Safety and Security Technology solutions.”

This is hardly Comtech’s first foray into emergency-call services. Among other emergency-contact deals, the company announced in 2016 that it had been awarded a five-year contract to install and manage a Next Generation 911 Emergency Service IP Network across Washington State.

The new deals, all announced during the Melville manufacturer’s FY2018 first quarter, are already paying dividends: In connection with the wireless-enhanced contract, Comtech has received an initial funded purchase order aggregating approximately $17.7 million, and as part of the three other contract awards, the company has reported initial funded orders aggregating approximately $8.3 million.

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