Geek Squad will roll in the Prius C

The Geek Squad is getting a little less geeky.

Best Buy’s technical support unit will begin replacing its signature Volkswagen Beetles with Toyota’s Prius C hybrids, the company announced, each with a redesigned logo.

About 700 of the cars will enter the fleet immediately, with the rest added later in the year. A Geekmobile remains in the fleet for 48 months or until it reached 65,000 miles.

Fuel efficiency was part of the reason for the switch: A Prius C gets an average 53 miles to the gallon and emits half as much carbon over its life as a Beetle. Volkswagen’s recent emissions fraud was not part of thee decision, Best Buy officials said. Geek Squad estimates its 20,000 agents drive the fleet of Geekmobiles 12.6 million miles annually.

Though 1,000 vehicles are a blip in Toyota’s total sales figures, they’re welcome at the Prius unit, where sales have declined more than 20 percent due to low gas prices and clamor for SUVs and crossovers.

“Today’s Geek Squad agents are more likely to help clients with a new home theater experience, improve Wi-Fi performance or install a security solution than they are to fix the family computer,” Geek Squad Chief Inspector Nate Brauer said in a statement. “The new Geekmobile and refreshed logo reflect how we continue to evolve along with technology.”