Hot Moiety eyes ‘enhancements,’ Android

Helping you co-cope: The long-awaited Moiety scheduling app is killing it in Vietnam and China -- and soon, maybe at a small business near you.

A month after it hit the ground running, Moiety is finding its legs.

So says Woodbury-based Aeonic Ventures LLC, which this week reported on the progress of its flagship scheduling app, roughly a month after launching in the App Store.

moiety-logo-2Designed to be useful to any social group but especially to divorced or separated co-parents and their “crews,” the app debuted on iOS devices Oct. 19, and Aeonic Ventures “couldn’t be happier” with its performance. The software firm, which built large international and social media followings in anticipation of the launch, noted “great turnout” in Vietnam, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and China, in addition to downloads by U.S. customers.

With downloads multiplying and reviews already soaring, the “minimum viable product,” as described by Aeonic Ventures CEO and Moiety inventor Greg Wagner, is developing fast, including “new enhancements” coming this week.

Aeonic Ventures announced a “major App Store upgrade” for “around November 25-28,” including “most of the popular suggestions” made by Moiety users. As of Monday morning, Version 1.2 was on the App Store’s virtual shelf, featuring “app description modifications” and content translations for Chinese-, French-, Vietnamese- and Portuguese-speaking audiences, with “more exciting updates and releases coming very soon.”

The app – which assists co-parents by reducing scrambled communications and centralizing group activities, pick-ups and related scheduling details – has also earned the favor of reviewers excited by its use as a small-business productivity tool. To that end, Aeonic Ventures is “working on new enhancements to make Moiety the ultimate scheduling app for all families and businesses,” the company said.

Citing popular demand, the Woodbury software firm also working on an Android version – and “we’re getting close,” the company added, with tentative plan to launch on Google Play “before the end of the year.”


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