LI broker auctioning off ‘’ domain

Sign of the times: At least, Holbrook's Precision Marketing Solutions thinks so, and is counting on Trump supporters and opponents to drive up an online auction for the domain name

With President Donald Trump girding his defenses, a clever Long Island digital-marketing firm might profit handsomely from the national impeachment debate.

Holbrook-based Precision Marketing Solutions, which has virtually no web presence itself but brokers an extensive portfolio of domain names, is sitting on a doozy: The premium domain name is now up for grabs in an online auction set to expire March 24. was registered through kingpin domain registry in 2011, four years before Trump officially declared his candidacy and six before he took office. The current registration won’t expire until 2020.

Minimum bids for start at $751. According to Flippa, an online marketplace for online marketplaces and host of the auction, four undisclosed bids were registered as of noon March 13.

Expect the site to pull in a bit more than $751. Other premium domain names auctioned off by Precision Marketing Solutions via Flippa have attracted $20,000 or more, multiple times.

Win-win: Both sides want a piece of “,” according to Precision Marketing Solutions.

Company officials could not be reached for comment Wednesday, but in a statement Tuesday, Precision Marketing Solutions spokeswoman Susan Rogers said the digital-marketing firm has “fielded lots of inquiries from those who oppose and support President Trump.”

Both sides “see owning the domain as a great vehicle for making their voices heard,” the spokeswoman noted.

Precision Marketing Solutions – which claims to buy, sell and broker more than 100 high-end domains per year – said it recently added domains and to its portfolio.

The company said it also recently sold the premium domain name, which currently finds itself in a holding pattern.

According to, an online hub for domain hosting and transactions, was the highest-reported domain-name sale of 2017 (some domain-name transactions are private). was sold in October for $20,000 – but LuckyRegister only mentions that the transaction took place on Flippa, without naming a buyer or seller.

In February, Precision Marketing Solutions – sister company to popular banner-bearer – auctioned off the domain name, the first time that web address has been offered for public sale in 20 years, President and CEO Jeffrey Reynolds said in a statement.

According to LuckyRegister, – also auctioned via Flippa – was last month’s highest-reported domain-name sale, fetching $23,000.