This looks like a job for … Super Lawyers!

Caped crusaders: Dozens of Long Island attorneys from several Island firms have been named 2018 Super Lawyers by Canadian media firm Thomson Reuters.

A bevy of Long Island attorneys representing a host of regional firms and numerous practice areas has landed on the 2018 Super Lawyers list.

The list – which includes both “Super Lawyers” and “Rising Stars” in various fields of law – is based on a “patented multiphase selection process” involving peer nominations and evaluations and “independent research,” according to Canadian multinational mass-media and information firm Thomson Reuters.

Thomason Reuters released its most recent annual rundown late last month.

Each candidate is evaluated on 12 indicators of peer recognition and professional achievement, with annual selections made on a state-by-state basis (and sometimes region-by-region, as in the “Metro New York” list covering both New York City and Long Island).

The idea is to create a “credible, comprehensive and diverse listing of outstanding attorneys” and a useful resource for both consumers searching for legal counsel – selections are limited to lawyers who can be hired by the public – and other attorneys, according to Thomson Reuters.

Michael Sahn: Mild-mannered Super Lawyer.

Among the Long Island law firms populating the 2018 Super Lawyers roster is Farrell Fritz, which maintains offices in Uniondale and Hauppauge (as well as in NYC, in addition to multiple upstate satellites) and placed 30 total attorneys on the coveted annual list – including 21 recognized as New York Metro Super Lawyers and nine as New York Metro Rising Stars.

Also staking impressive claims were Uniondale firms Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, which landed 10 Super Lawyers and five Rising Stars on the 2018 list, and Sahn Ward Coschignano, which boasts 14 total attorneys – nearly two-thirds of the firm’s partners and associates – named either Super Lawyers or Rising Stars.

Melville firm Carter DeLuca Farrell & Schmidt made Thomson Reuters’ 2018 cut with seven Rising Stars, while Manhattan-based firm Nixon Peabody – which operates a thriving Jericho office – scored big with 97 Super Lawyers and 41 Rising Stars.

Sahn Ward Coschignano Managing Partner Michael Sahn, who was among the Uniondale firm’s six 2018 Super Lawyers, said inclusion on the Thomson Reuters review “reflects the outstanding and talented lawyers who serve our clients.”

“It is an honor to be named personally, but much more important is the credit and honor to the firm to have so many of our attorneys recognized by Super Lawyers,” the managing partner said in a statement. “We are very pleased and gratified.”

The list of 2018 Super Lawyers and Rising Stars from the five firms named above includes:

Farrell Fritz – Super Lawyers

  • Jed Albert (Estate & Probate)
  • John Barnosky (Estate & Trust Litigation)
  • Charlotte Biblow (Environmental)
  • Martin Bunin (Bankruptcy/Business)
  • Kathryn Carney Cole (Business Litigation)
  • Patrick Collins (Bankruptcy/Business)
  • Ilene Sherwyn Cooper (Estate & Trust Litigation)
  • Peter Curry (Real Estate)
  • Eric Kramer (Estate & Probate)
  • Peter Mahler (Business Litigation)
  • Patricia Marcin (Estate & Probate)
  • John McEntee (Business Litigation)
  • Domenique Camacho Moran (Employment & Labor)
  • John Morken (Estate & Trust Litigation)
  • Eric Penzer (Estate & Trust Litigation)
  • Jason Samuels (Construction Litigation)
  • Frank Santoro (Estate & Trust Litigation)
  • Louis Vlahos (Tax)
  • Joel Weiss (Criminal Defense)
  • James Wicks (Business Litigation)
  • Peter Zlotnick (Real Estate)

Farrell Fritz – Rising Stars

  • Edward Baker (Estate & Trust Litigation)
  • Jaclene D’Agostino (Estate & Trust Litigation)
  • Robert Harper (Estate & Trust Litigation)
  • Joshua Herman (Business Litigation)
  • Hamutal Lieberman (Business Litigation)
  • Franklin McRoberts (Business Litigation)
  • Richard Quatrano (Business/Corporate)
  • Daniel Rubin (Lobbying)
  • Jacklyn Zitelli (Real Estate)

Ruskin Moscou Faltishek – Super Lawyers

  • Harold Berzow (Bankruptcy/Business Litigation)
  • Michael Feigenbaum (Estate & Trust Litigation)
  • Douglas Good (Business Litigation)
  • Mark Mullholland (Business Litigation)
  • Christopher Murray (Business Litigation)
  • Gregory Naclerio (Healthcare/Criminal Defense)
  • Douglas Nadjari (Healthcare/Administrative Law/Criminal Defense)
  • Eric Rubenstein (Real Estate)
  • Benjamin Weinstock (Real Estate)
  • Jeffrey Wurst (Banking/Business Litigation)

Ruskin Moscou Faltischek – Rising Stars

  • Jennifer Hartman (Business Litigation)
  • Jennifer Hillman (Estate & Trust Litigation)
  • Gregory Kowalsky (Business Litigation)
  • Michael Schoenberg (Business Litigation)
  • Matthew Zangwill (Real Estate/Nonprofit Organizations)

Sahn Ward Coschignano – Super Lawyers

  • Chris Coschignano (Land Use/Zoning)
  • Wayne Edwards (Land Use/Zoning)
  • Andrew Roth (Business Litigation)
  • Michael Sahn (Land Use/Zoning)
  • Miriam Villani (Environmental)
  • Jon Ward (Business Litigation)

Sahn Ward Coschignano – Rising Stars

  • Michael Barone Jr. (Land Use/Zoning)
  • Joseph Bjarnson (Business Litigation)
  • Daniel Braff (Land Use/Zoning)
  • Joshua Brookstein (General Litigation)
  • Nicholas Cappadora (Land Use/Zoning)
  • John Christopher (Real Estate)
  • Elaine Colavito (Family Law)
  • Adam Koblenz (General Litigation)

Carter DeLuca Farrell & Schmidt – Rising Stars 

  • David Lee (Intellectual Property)
  • Joseph McPartland (Intellectual Property)
  • Anand Patel (Intellectual Property)
  • Sonsy Rajan (Intellectual Property)
  • Bradley Shelowitz (Intellectual Property)
  • William Valet (Intellectual Property)
  • Joshua Zarabi (Intellectual Property)

Nixon Peabody – Super Lawyers

  • Scott Alsterda (Bankruptcy/Creditor Debtor Rights)
  • Martha Anderson (Banking/Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • Bruce Baker (Real Estate/Energy & Natural Resources/Construction Litigation)
  • Anthony Barron (Construction Litigation/Business Litigation)
  • Armando Batastini (Business Litigation/Real Estate)
  • Robert Bernius (Professional Liability/Business Litigation)
  • Laurie Bloom (Environmental Litigation, Personal Injury)
  • Paul Bouton (Real Estate)
  • Jeffrey Brenner (Construction Litigation/Business Litigation)
  • Stephanie Caffera (Employment & Labor)
  • Ernest Chung (Banking/Energy & Natural Resources)
  • Selected to Super Lawyers 2011 – 2018
  • Louis Cisz III (Business Litigation/Bankruptcy)
  • John Clymer (Estate Planning & Probate/Nonprofit Organizations)
  • William Codinha (Criminal Defense/Business Litigation)
  • Richard Cogen (Energy & Natural Resources/Environmental)
  • Lawrence Cohen (Estate Planning & Probate)
  • Michael Cohen (Healthcare/Native American Law/Business Litigation)
  • Elizabeth Columbo (Government Finance)
  • Donald Cooper (Environmental/Land Use & Zoning)
  • Robert Dolinko (Employment & Labor)
  • Benjamin Dwyer (Personal Injury/Business Litigation/Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  • Charles Dyke (Business Litigation/Employee Benefits)
  • Thomas Fahey (Healthcare)
  • Steven Feirman (Franchise & Dealership/Antitrust Litigation)
  • Kevin Fitzgerald (Business Litigation)
  • John Fitzgerald Jr. (Estate Planning/Probate)
  • Allan Floro (Environmental)
  • Carolyn Jacoby Gabbay (Healthcare)
  • Adam Gilbert (Business Litigation/Real Estate)
  • Lori Green (Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • Thomas Greiner (Land Use & Zoning/Real Estate)
  • Christian Hancey (Employee Benefits)
  • Dale Hudson (Employment & Labor)
  • Daniel Hurteau (Business Litigation/Healthcare)
  • Charles Jacobs (Business-Corporate)
  • Stephen Jones (Employment Litigation/Employment & Labor)
  • Brian Kelly (Criminal Defense)
  • William Kelly (Securities & Corporate Finance/Business-Corporate/Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • Brian Kopp (Employee Benefits)
  • Jason Kravitz (Intellectual Property Litigation)
  • Stephen LaRose (Business Litigation/Securities Litigation)
  • Ruth Leistensnider (Energy & Natural Resources/Environmental)
  • Gary Levenstein (Mergers & Acquisitions/Securities & Corporate Finance)
  • Seth Levy (Intellectual Property/Technology Transactions)
  • David Martland (Business-Corporate)
  • Christopher Mason (Business Litigation/Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  • Michele Masucci (Healthcare)
  • Jean McCreary (Environmental)
  • Deborah McLean (Securities & Corporate Finance/Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • Neal McNamara (Employment & Labor)
  • Victor Milione (Bankruptcy/Business Litigation/Banking)
  • Fredric Nelson (Business Litigation/Antitrust Litigation)
  • Carolyn Nussbaum (Securities Litigation/Business Litigation/Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  • Gregory O’Hara (Business Litigation/Environmental)
  • Gary Oberstein (Employment & Labor)
  • Joseph Ortego (Class Action-Mass Torts/Business Litigation/Personal Injury)
  • Scott O’Connell (Class Action-Mass Torts/Business Litigation/Healthcare)
  • Eric Paley (Employee Benefits)
  • Richard Pedone (Bankruptcy/General Litigation/Franchise & Dealership)
  • Danielle Pelot (Criminal Defense/Business Litigation)
  • Michael Philippi (Business Litigation/General Litigation)
  • Dean Polales (Criminal Defense)
  • David Portal (Real Estate)
  • Andrew Prescott (Employment & Labor)
  • Arthur Pressman (Alternative Dispute Resolution/Franchise & Dealership)
  • Denise Pursley (Real Estate/Energy & Natural Resources/Environmental)
  • Vivian Quinn (Personal Injury/Class Action-Mass Torts)
  • David Resnick (Intellectual Property)
  • Steven Richard (Business Litigation/Employment Litigation/Civil Litigation)
  • Susan Robfogel (Employment & Labor/Healthcare)
  • Susan Roney (Business Litigation/Personal Injury/Employment Litigation)
  • Andrew Rose (Business Litigation/Civil Litigation/Intellectual Property Litigation)
  • Jay Rosenbaum (Estate Planning & Probate/Estate & Trust Litigation)
  • David Rosenthal (Employment & Labor/Civil Litigation)
  • Jonathan Sablone (Business Litigation/Class Action-Mass Torts/Civil Litigation)
  • Frank Saibert (Employment & Labor)
  • David Schraver (Business Litigation/Native American Law)
  • Stephanie Seiffert (Estate Planning & Probate/Estate & Trust Litigation)
  • Ruth Silman (Environmental/Energy & Natural Resources/Land Use & Zoning)
  • Kenneth Silverberg (Tax/Nonprofit Organizations/Healthcare)
  • Scott Singer (Business-Corporate/Government Finance/Energy & Natural Resources)
  • Daniel Sklar (Bankruptcy/Banking/Business-Corporate)
  • Herbert Stevens (Tax/Real Estate)
  • Justin Swindells (Intellectual Property)
  • Charles Tamuleviz (Criminal Defense/Civil Litigation)
  • Jeffrey Tanenbaum (Employment & Labor/Employment Litigation)
  • Philip Taub (Business-Corporate)
  • Michael Taubin (Healthcare)
  • Deborah Thaxter (Business Litigation/Securities Litigation/Class Action-Mass Torts)
  • Christopher Thomas (Civil Litigation/Business Litigation/Energy & Natural Resources)
  • Harry Trueheart (Business Litigation/International/Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  • Scott Turner (Environmental/Energy & Natural Resources/Government Relations)
  • Michael Vaccari (Government Finance/Transportation-Maritime)
  • Robert Weikert (Intellectual Property Litigation)
  • William Weir (Government Finance)
  • James Weller (General Litigation)
  • Stanley Widger Jr. (Energy & Natural Resources/Environmental Litigation)

Nixon Peabody – Rising Stars

  • Alicia Anderson (Employment & Labor/Employment Litigation/Business Litigation)
  • Mark Beaudoin (Real Estate/Land Use & Zoning/Business-Corporate)
  • Kathleen Ceglarski Burns (Business Litigation)
  • Barry Carrigan (Securities & Corporate Finance/State, Local & Municipal)
  • Julia Casteleiro (Real Estate)
  • Ashley Champion (Real Estate/Land Use & Zoning)
  • Jennifer Cormano (Healthcare/Business-Corporate)
  • Christopher Desiderio (Bankruptcy)
  • Ryan Duckett (Business Litigation/Intellectual Property Litigation/Employment Litigation/Entertainment & Sports)
  • Tony Dulgerian (Employment Litigation/Employment & Labor)
  • Annette Eaton (Estate Planning & Probate)
  • Christopher Fong (Bankruptcy)
  • Erik Goergen (Business Litigation/Appellate)
  • Emily Crandall Harlan (Criminal Defense/Government Contracts/Business Litigation)
  • Dara Newman Histed (Real Estate)
  • Tarae Howell (Business Litigation)
  • Samuel Kim (Mergers & Acquisitions/Business-Corporate/Franchise & Dealership)
  • William Kirby Jr. (Business Litigation)
  • Jason Kunze (Intellectual Property Litigation/Technology Transactions)
  • Brian Mahoney (Business-Corporate)
  • Daniel McAvoy (Securities & Corporate Finance/Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • Meghan McGuire (Business Litigation)
  • Douglas Menikheim (Business-Corporate/Mergers & Acquisitions/Securities & Corporate Finance)
  • Darren Miller (Real Estate)
  • Kat Murphy (Mergers & Acquisitions/Business-Corporate)
  • Megan Neal (Estate Planning & Probate)
  • Morgan Nighan (Business Litigation)
  • Rachel Pugliese (Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • Hunter Raines (Mergers & Acquisitions/Business-Corporate)
  • Sarah Ranni (Employee Benefits)
  • Michael Schnipper (Mergers & Acquisitions/Business-Corporate/Healthcare)
  • Kierstan Schultz (Civil Litigation/Healthcare/Civil Litigation)
  • Megha Shah (Business Litigation/Class Action-Mass Torts/Securities Litigation)
  • Kristopher Stark (Business Litigation)
  • Eric Tanck (Mergers & Acquisitions/Business-Corporate)
  • Richard Tilghman IV (Business Litigation/Intellectual Property Litigation)
  • Andrew Tripp (Real Estate)
  • Terance Walsh (Government Finance)
  • Eric Walz (Criminal Defense/Franchise & Dealership)
  • Brian Whittaker (Real Estate)
  • Aaron Yowell (Real Estate)

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