At Lorraine Gregory Studios, they’re making the scene

Green screen: "Studio A" of the Lorraine Gregory Studios in Edgewood will soon be ready to roll.

They’re (almost) ready for their close-up at Lorraine Gregory Communications, where the curtain is about to rise on a new video-production studio – and an even bigger sequel is coming soon.

Emboldened by the success of a new video-interview segment produced by his spinoff C-suite consultancy Greg’s Corner Office, Lorraine Gregory Communications founder and CEO Greg Demetriou is excited to announce the near-completion of Lorraine Gregory Studios – and “doesn’t that sound so cool?” the innovator wonders aloud.

Built at the 25-year-old digital marketing agency’s Edgewood headquarters, the sister video-production studios directly answer a growing customer demand, according to Demetriou, and do it in a prototypically Lorraine Gregory Communications way.

“We needed to be able to offer these kinds of services to our clients,” the CEO told Innovate LI. “We pride ourselves on outsourcing very little, so naturally, we wanted to bring video in-house.”

Ready first will be Studio A, a roughly 400-square-foot space stocked with the requisite tech for producing full-HD, 4K high-definition videos. The agency will use the studio to create webinars, Facebook Live content, product and business profiles and new “Ask a CEO” interviews for Greg’s Corner Office, among other segments.

Studio A is almost ready to roll, Demetriou said Wednesday, with staffers waiting only on new ceiling lights and a carpet made of “sound-deadening material.”

“It’s an echo chamber in there right now,” he noted.

Studio B is still in the planning stages and should be ready for action by the fall. The 1,500-square-foot stage will be built to “accommodate more long-form productions,” according to Demetriou, “including shows destined for national and international markets.”

Greg Demetriou: Camera man.

“It will have three-camera shots, full professional lighting and audio controls, available set design and so forth,” he added. “We’ve actually had some independent-film people in here saying they could film a whole indie show in there.”

Lorraine Gregory Communications is teaming up with two other Long Island-based media companies to promote its new video-production capabilities: the Melville-based Drake Media Network, producer of syndicated talk show “Live It Up,” and Floral Park-based Corbett Public Relations.

“Live It Up,” a weekly interview and field-report program featuring host Donna Drake, a team of chipper correspondents and loads of life-positive content, boasts a growing audience in Connecticut, Missouri (Drake’s from St. Louis), the Boston area and Greater New York.

Demetriou was mum about whether the show would eventually film studio segments at Lorraine Gregory Studios; instead, he described both Drake and Corbett Public Relations President Bill Corbett Jr. as “strategic partners” in the multimedia promotional effort.

For now, the focus is squarely on the getting Studio A up and running and getting Studio B off the ground. Demetriou and his staff are especially jazzed about the new video vertical following the “outrageous” success of “Mondays With Michael Dowling,” a six-part video-interview saga that debuted in February as the first-ever live-action segment on the “Ask a CEO” blog.

“We had so many views,” Demetriou noted. “So now we’ve created the opportunity for other CEOs to do videos as well, and we already have some interest.”

And that’s just one potential use for the agency’s new video studios, which “close the loop on the available marketing services we can offer our clients,” Demetriou added.

“Not bad for a company that started out sticking stamps on envelopes for direct-mail projects,” he said. “We have traversed and conquered all the obstacles to be able to strategize, design, produce and execute all manner of marketing, advertising, messaging and communications for our clients, on all available platforms and media.”

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  1. Greg is both a “mover” and a “shaker” with real marketing accomplishments that move Our Island forward.

    His quote of “It’s an echo chamber in there right now,” he noted” reminds me of the anechoic chamber with walls and ceiling of sound-absorbing wedges we constructed at General Instrument in Hicksville as we were inventing speech synthesis and recognition decades ago. The sealed room was eerily quiet and used to record the speech for the world’s first talking greeting card for Hallmark.

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