New owner, CEO for top patient-recruitment firm

Brant recognition: After 17 years (give or take) with Jericho-based Clinical Trial Media, Cara Brant has taken company ownership and named herself CEO.

A company veteran with a history of breaking glass ceilings has taken control of a Jericho company leading the patient-recruitment pack.

Clinical Trial Media, self-billed as “the industry leader” in global clinical-trial patient recruitment and retention, has named Cara Brant as its new CEO. More accurately, Brant has named herself: The new chief executive, who started at the Jericho firm as a project coordinator in 2001, also on Wednesday announced her “full ownership” of the company, effective immediately.

Brant, who briefly left the company in 2016 before returning to take over, said she was “thrilled to be at the helm of such a passionate team” and trumpeted Clinical Trial Media’s dedication “to improving patient journeys and changing public perception of (clinical) trials.”

“Clinical Trial Media’s patient-first mentality, along with its comprehensive recruitment and retention suite, give the company a clear industry advantage,” the CEO added.

Featuring customizable technology services, Clinical Trial Media is designed to address the No. 1 problem of clinical trials: potentially life-saving drugs that never see the light of day because of low patient participation in the regulatory-required trial runs.

“Tailored recommendations and innovative ideas” help Clinical Trial Media merge data gathered in similar, prior studies to develop what the company calls “customized clinical-trial enrollment solutions.”

It’s a formula Brant knows well. The new CEO moved steadily through the ranks during her 16-plus years at the circa-1995 Jericho startup, rising from project coordinator to senior project manager to vice president of business development.

She eventually added VP of operations and chief operating officer to her titles, all as the company’s first female C-level executive.

Clinical Trial Media Senior Vice President Rob Weinstock said those who’ve worked with Brant are “absolutely thrilled” that she will “lead the company to the next phase.”

“We’ve all gained new knowledge from Cara’s expertise,” Weinstock said in a statement. “Her outstanding track record as a 17-year industry innovator will help drive great results for our clients and patients.”

Brant said she anticipates strengthening Clinical Trial Media’s relationships with existing customers – including top pharmaceutical conglomerates – by continuing to develop customized products, services and solutions that will help enroll patients in critical clinical trials around the globe.

“We look forward to bridging the gap between healthcare, advertising and technology, and continuing to grow our strong relationships … in 22 countries,” the CEO added.