Newfangled ‘radio’ show brings Zucker School home

Nash bridges: Certified cardiologist and Zucker School of Medicine Professor Ira Nash hosts "Well Said With Dr. Ira Nash," a new community-outreach health-and-wellness show on Radio Hofstra University.

A new radio show – take a moment to process, podcasters – is bringing the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell to the airwaves.

Premiering Feb. 11 at 4 p.m. on WRHU (Radio Hofstra University, 88.7 on your FM dial and first in Hofstra’s hearts since 1959), “Well Said With Dr. Ira Nash” will feature a half-hour of weekly insights into health and wellness, with Nash – a cardiology professor at the Zucker School of Medicine – chatting up experts from Hofstra University, Northwell Health and beyond.

The professor – who’s also executive director of Northwell Physician Health Partners, Northwell’s internal provider network – framed the weekly radio show as a public-education outreach effort by the Hofstra/Northwell medical school, highlighting a wealth of regional expertise and resources.

“We are fortunate to have access to a huge pool of experts from both Hofstra and Northwell, in addition to public advocates who can offer reliable insight on a wide range of subjects in health, medicine and wellbeing,” Nash said Thursday. “Our goal is to provide a valuable and accessible education service to the community by covering topics in an informative yet entertaining way.”

Prerecorded 30-minute segments, usually featuring Nash and special guests from within the Hofstra/Northwell ecosystem, explore a range of timely and provocative health issues. On tap are episodes focused on vaccinations, vaping, medical marijuana, opioid use, prostate cancer, women’s heart health and elderly care.

Producers will also be accepting listener suggestions for future topics. Comments and questions can be emailed to

“We look forward to receiving questions and suggestions from our listeners and addressing issues on the show important to them,” Nash noted.

The new program requires the frequency-modulated transmission of electromagnetic energy waves through space and an appropriate oscillating-field electrical conductor to receive them – “radio,” for the uninitiated – and is not a podcast.

However, recorded episodes will be available on the “Well Said With Dr. Ira Nash” webpage beginning with that Feb. 11 debut. Assisting Nash and his fellow healthcare experts with the technicalities are staffers from Radio Hofstra University, an award-winning, student-run college station marking its 60th year of broadcasting in 2019.

“The Hofstra students who work at the student radio station have been our technical experts,” Nash said. “They’ve helped us actually record and edit the shows, and we’re grateful for their input.”

Cross-wiring disciplines in this way fits right into the “Well Said” motif, according to Nash, who stressed the new program’s community-outreach and educational benefits.

“I’ve always felt that part of being a good doctor is being a good educator,” he added.