No. 107: Maine import, the power of sleep and oh those naughty Neanderthals

And we’re off: A great start to the week everybody and welcome new readers, including Keith, Maurice, Lanny, Ted, Tad and Todd. (And thanks for the alliteration, guys.)

Pump them up: ThermoLift has been named a finalist in the 6th annual Clean Energy Trust Challenge, the largest cleantech single-day pitch competition in the nation, and with it the chance to win up to $1 million in funding. It’s April 12 in Chicago. Tickets to watch ($160) here.

Capital ideas: Born in the 1980s, white hot during the dot-com boom and a bit quieter for awhile after that, the Long Island Capital Alliance has promisingly retooled itself. We check in with executive director Carol Lane on how she’s helping bring fever to the pitch.

Ship shapes: MindYolk founder Paul Lipsky shows off his just-out animation short for a $530 million ship repair facility in Brazil.

Equity positioning: The NYSE begins a cautious shift to a new trading platform called Pillar today.

Maine attraction: Laura Lindenfield has taken over as director of the Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University. She comes from the U of Maine, one of 16 schools now associated with the program, founded by actor Alan Alda to teach plain-talk to scientists.

Power pointing: LaunchPad Huntington hosts a sports-focused pitch night, Tuesday, Feb. 23, 6:15ish, $10.

They understand using characters: Twitter is beating Facebook in just one country – Japan. The No. 1 social media company there, however, is Line, with 40 percent of the population already signed up.

To consider, Bernie: The three most college-educated countries in the world – South Korea, Japan and Canada – have tuition-based systems. (America is ninth, BTW, with 45 percent of adults holding post-secondary degrees.)

Attention Calverton: Campbell’s has created a $125 million venture arm for innovative healthy food companies.

Free advice: Carter DeLuca patent attorney Francesco Sardone fields questions, hopes and dreams at tomorrow’s meeting of the Suffolk inventors and entrepreneurs club.

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Can’t miss this one: Co-Ed Tech Together Happy Hour, April 5, 5:30 p.m. onward, Jewel in Melville, brought to you by Innovate, LISTnet, Ellevate Women and Women in Technology. Buy your own beverage, free hors d’oeuvres. Let us know you’re coming.

And don’t forget: State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan keynotes the March 11 breakfast meeting of ACIT. Crest Hollow, 7:30 a.m. for networking, 8:30 for the main event, $50 for members, more for the rest of us.

How they do it: The average European accelerator provides roughly $40,000 in seed financing, access to mentors and office space in exchange for a 7.53 percent equity stake. There are currently 85 accelerators, give or take, in 20 countries.

About our sponsor: Teachers Federal Credit Union is a full-service, not-for-profit financial institution. Founded on Long Island in 1952, it has grown into a 250,000+ member organization with 25 branches in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. More information is available by visiting or by calling 631-698-7000.

Future, on ice: The owner of Glacier View Lodge ponders what’s ahead as Vancouver Island’s famed and tourist-attracting Comox Glacier melts into nothingness. (Ditto Glacier View Investigative Services, Glacier Greens Golf Course, Glacier Environmental …)

Animals, the photos: Yes, the knife-catching monkey will tempt you, but it’s really all about the cooling-down koala.

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Let me sleep on it: Researchers at the University of Bristol have discovered that the brain fast-forwards through the day’s important activities during deep sleep, strengthening the microscopic connections with nerve cells that bolster memory, leaving the mental chaff to be forgotten.

So maybe attend: Penny Stern, director of preventive medicine at Northwell Health, hosts a seminar on sleep disturbances, 3 p.m., March 3 at Northport Public Library. According to the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, more than a quarter of Americans report sleep problems.
Plus: Which states get the most sleep. (Hint: Snow apparently helps.)
Sex report: Neanderthals mated with modern humans much earlier than anyone thought, Cold Spring Harbor Lab researchers have discovered. Bottom line: You likely have DNA from an extinct humanoid.
Real truth: Toilet seats in public restrooms are, bacterially speaking, generally cleaner than your kitchen sink. (So don’t bother laying paper.)
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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.