No. 113: Pi Day, boot camp and a presidential shout-out

It’s Pi Day: A happy 3.14 everyone and hope you’re enjoying all that extra daylight. It’s the start of a week of heavy economic data, led by February retail sales and inflation reports. The biggie comes Wednesday, when the Fed decides on interest rates.

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Adam Haber and Billy Crystal share a birthday today. (Billy’s funnier.)

No one, actually, got the boot: Eight up-and-coming startups faced off with investors and commercialization experts in the closing session of Stony Brook University’s annual innovation boot camp. Several lived to tell Innovate’s Gregory Zeller about it.

You’re having a good week when: Your U.S. senator demands private companies adopt technology like yours and then you get a shout-out in the White House blog. You go, Nomorobo.

Speaking of shout-outs: Anthony Acampora moderates a symposium hosted by ADDAPT and the Manufacturing Consortium, featuring Steve Bellone, John Kennedy Jr., Joanne Minieri and more, April 14, 8:30 to 10:30 a.m., Dennison Building, register here.

Last week’s top reads

Everybody’s doing some loco motion, including a new coalition to support an LIRR third track.

Northwell joins an accelerator program to get digital startups into field testing, fast.

SBU’s National Security Institute is blinding the bad guys with science.

Computer Associates cofounder Russ Artzt has a brand new thing.

The week in Zika virus moves and machinations.

Stony Brook nano-coating spinout Millennial Materials and Devices joins Start-Up NY.

Greg Artzt, son of Russ above, has his own brand new thing.

The Feb. 26 newsletter. (A classic, obviously.)

Hofstra names six entrepreneurs in residence.

Bonus: Hofstra Center for Entrepreneurship honcho Mark Lesko grows dean-quality facial hair.

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Speed demons: The annual ranking of the best accelerator programs in America is out, with some usual suspects topping the list: 500 Startups, Alchemist, Amplify, AngelPad, New Venture Challenge, MuckerLab, TechStars and Y Combinator.

Interesting fact: There are now 160 accelerators in operation in our great land.

Related: Y Combinator guru Sam Altman says hard tech – that is, things versus methods – is the new yuge thing.

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What she said: Catherine Graham, a professor in SBU’s Department of Ecology and Evolution, has made Thomson Reuters list of most-referenced researchers, in part due to her blockbuster Novel Methods Improve Prediction of Species’ Distribution from Occurrence Data, which has been cited 2,600 times.

OK, make that: 2,601.

Stick it to the man: Quit your job and launch one of these easy, cheap business ideas from the Small Business Administration. (We did.)

Not so sunny outlook: Some really cool maps show how Daylight Savings Time is ruining America.

Still going: Go champion Lee Se-dol took game four of Google’s DeepMind Challenge early Sunday, scoring the first win for mankind. Google is now 9 and 1 against humans and has already clinched against Se-dol, meaning the $1 million prize goes to charity. They’ll wrap up the best-of-five set for fun on Tuesday.

For space junkies: NASA fired up the first deep space RS-25 rocket engine for 500 seconds, a major milestone in the march towards a manned mission to Mars.

For the calendar: The Boys and Girls Clubs of Suffolk County honor Standard Advisors prez Anthony Manetta, May 2, 6 to 9 p.m., the Meadow Club in Port Jefferson Station, tickets $125, contact Kirk Cronk at

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.