No. 136: DIY brewing, third-tier VC and George still likes the way you look

It’s Monday out there: A great start to the week everybody and welcome new readers Rich, Ken, Syd, Tony, Bill and Christine. It’s June 13, on which in 1963 Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space, took off aboard Vostok 6.

Yes: That would be a full 20 years before Sally Ride.

The Olsen twins are 30 today. That makes them, coincidentally, Geminis.

Age of aquarium: What to do when you can no longer see the little castle at the bottom of your fish tank? Time for a water check-up with ChromaFISH, the brainchild of Stony Brook grad Gabriel Ruttner. Works on pools and hot tubs, too. (Full disclosure: Ruttner’s fish were harmed as part of this story. But his father did it.)

Pew honors: Daniel Rodriguez-Leal, a postdoc investigator in the Cold Spring Harbor lab of Zach Lippmann, has been named a Pew Latin American Fellow in Biomed.

Not doing their parts: New York’s proposed Fair Repair Act, which would require manufacturers to help you actually fix stuff – including electronics – needs some political momentum.

ICYMI: Calverton-based Luminati Aerospace launched a solar-powered aircraft on Friday, the first step in the march toward the near-perpetual flight needed to deliver connectivity to the unconnected world.

The week’s top reads

Novel Parkinson’s procedure has patient dancing

Kyle Chandler, Long Island’s Mr. Tea

LI Brew bus back making tracks

Traverse Biosciences lands key investment

There’s been an “accidental” discovery in the treatment of COPD

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Pint-sized startup: England’s UBREW is a DIY beer club that offers members advice and access to professional equipment. (It’s kind of like a gym where you go to get less healthy.)

Steering the future: General Motors announced plans to hire 1,000 engineers and software developers at its Canadian research facilities near Toronto to design new self-driving cars.

Sorta related: NYC’s Rally, which specializes in what it calls crowd-powered travel and pop-up mass transit, is one of 12 companies – culled from more than 500 applications – starting at the Ford-sponsored Techstars Mobility accelerator in Detroit today.

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Still liking the way you look: Former Men’s Wearhouse CEO George Zimmerman has a startup called zTailors.

Listen up, Seattle: Fred Wilson on why third-tier markets need assertive VCs.

Non-core business: Apple has quietly created an energy subsidiary, apparently to sell excess solar power generated at its California and Nevada campuses.

Speaking of Apple: Tim Cook was the eighth-highest rated boss in Glass Door’s annual CEO ranking.
They got bridge right, though: A college student is campaigning to correct the spelling of the Verrazano Bridge.

Don’t skip this: Sunday Sky, a NYC video marketing company that makes online ads people actually watch, has raised $30 million.

Rags to riches? Americans each throw away an average 82 pounds of clothing every year, 85 percent of which ends up in a landfill. Enter recyclerEvernu. (Fact: You can make one pair of jeans from five worn-out T shirts.)

Not now: Only 6 percent of Siri and Google Now users feel comfortable talking to their digital assistant services in public. The number jumps to 51 percent if they’re in the privacy of their own car.

Black is the new black: The summer’s hot new ice cream is colored with coconut shell ash.

Monarch key: Queen Elizabeth, who turned 90 in April, officially celebrated yesterday at a time-honored event called Trooping the Colour.

Blood lines: Jennifer Lawrence is in line to portray Elizabeth Holmes, the CEO of troubled blood-testing startups Theranos.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.