No. 147: Sam dunk, Star Wars drones and a job that won’t be missed

Don’t forget those fluids: A happy but still-sweltering start to the week everybody, including those who have decamped for Philadelphia. Oh, and welcome new readers Richard, Andrew, Todd, Bill, Leslie, Clyde and Robert.

The U.S. detonated an underwater atomic bomb at Bikini Atoll on this date in 1946. Fears of fallout from the blast led to Japanese director Ishirō Honda‘s sci-fi classic, “Godzilla,” in which a giant, prehistoric sea monster is unhappily awakened and empowered by nuclear radiation. The rest, as they say, is franchise.

Yahoo and Verizon are expected to announce a deal today. $4.8 billionish.

Happy birthday Geoffrey ZakarianMatt LeBlanc and first “test tube” baby Louise Brown.

Speaking of decamping for Philly: WikiLeaks’ hack of the Democratic National Committee, while shameful in its callous exposure of the names, email addresses and credit info of contributors, does offer a fascinating look at what you can – and cannot – get for a five-figure donation. (Hint: $38,400 is not enough for a photo with HRC.)

Shooting this fall: Long Island developer Judy Wieber has survived the first casting call of Apple’s planned “Planet of the Apps” TV show.

Several man march: Innovate pals Chris Coschignano, John Farrell and Alex Badalamenti are among those helping the Salvation Army build new digs in New Cassel.

A layup: SBU President Sam Stanley, one of pick-up basketball’s most earnest local players, has been appointed to the NCAA Board of Governors.

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Oh thank heaven: Drone delivery startup Flirtey made the first FAA-sanctioned home delivery – two boxes from 7-Eleven – to the backyard of a customer in Reno. Products included Slurpees, a chicken sandwich and donuts. The two companies are working to create regular delivery of what they called “everyday essentials.”

Marginally related: Toymaker Propel is launching four Lucas-approved Star Wars drones this fall. (Yes, the Millennium Falcon is one of them.)

Biz development tip: Even-steven equity splits are a recipe for startup disaster.

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Must be an iPhone: Police have called on a Michigan State professor to create a 3D-printed replica of a murder victim’s fingerprints so they can unlock his cell phone.

Next gen: Apple will reportedly release three new smartphones in mid-September, including the iPhone 7 Pro that includes dual camera lenses and a magnetic smart connector. Ear phone jack appears to be missing.

Couldn’t pay me enough: Scientists at the Imperial College of London have developed a “robotic rectum” to help train doctors and nurses on prostate exams. The device is expected to eventually eliminate the need for human training subjects, known as Rectal Teaching Assistants.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.