No. 153: Thank you Tritec, a mood-altering wearable and when to use a chork

It’s Monday out there: A great start to another hot and slow week everybody, and welcome new readers Robert, Sarah, Steve, Alan and Qbany.

On this date in 1877, Thomas Edison successfully argued that the telephone should be properly answered with “hello” and not “ahoy,” as inventor Alexander Graham Bell was promoting.

Richie Havens took to the stage at 5:07 p.m. in 1969, kicking off what would become known, simply, as Woodstock. (Roy Rogers had been asked to close the three-day festival with “Happy Trails,” but declined. What was left of the crowd on Monday morning got Jimi Hendrix instead. Imagine if there’d been a duet.)

The full Havens setlist is here. Drop us a line if you remember being there.

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The heat is on: Revolutionary heat pump maker ThermoLift has been granted its first international patent – from China – and solved a testy leakage problem, the fix for which, it turns out, super-sizes the device’s power.

Sticker shocker: Gov. Cuomo introduced a new standardization system for New York state agricultural products.

Building the future: Tritec Real Estate has kicked in $278,000 to the Stony Brook Children’s Hospital effort. Matching money from the Knapp Swezey Children’s Challenge doubles the gift.


Chembio Diagnostics took it on the chin as South American sales flagged and it booked a one-time tax charge.

Stony Brook Medicine and Mount Sinai Health are teaming up on research and commercialization projects.

You know your brain. This is your brain on Alpha Wolf.

A food movement is taking root in Amagansett.

Get in the swing: WPPB, Long Island’s only NPR station, is holding a golf fundraiser, Sept. 26, Maidstone Club in East Hampton, 11 a.m. check in, moreinfo here.

And don’t forget: Innovate’s joint tech networker, Aug. 30, 5 to 7:30 p.m. Jewel, free, with LISTnet, LI Visual Professionals and the IEEE Computer Society. (That should be interesting.)

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Attention Kevin Tracey: Newark-based Urban Butinar is crowdfunding an electromagnetic mood-shifting wearable called ELF emmit it says can reduce stress and improve sleeping. Raised 182 percent of its goal on Indiegogo, continuing through Sept. 14.

Ka-ching: Only one VC firm had stakes in both Dollar Shave Club and Meet Kirsten Green’s all-girl Forerunner Ventures.

From the Duh file: Television food commercials influence what children want to eat, a new study has discovered.

From the Doh file: Government-funded school food programs are making kids fat.

Getting to be ho-hum: SpaceX launched a Japanese satellite into orbit yesterday morning and successfully landed the Falcon 9 first stage on a floating drone ship, its sixth recovery in eight months.

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Shake it up: Shake Shack is giving away 100 burgers at each of its locations tomorrow to honor the opening of its centennial outlet, in Boston. Begins locally at 10:30 a.m.

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More branding required: Audi is testing a new shock absorber system that converts energy from bumpy rides into electricity. It’s called eROT.

Shingles alert: SolarCity’s new solar roof product – not a panel on the roof, but the roof itself – will be built in Buffalo, founder Elon Musk announced.

Finally: Panda Express is leaning toward the use of the Chork, a hybrid fork/chopsticks utensil.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading this far.