No. 159: Jack Kilby, engineering jobs and the LISAs at 20

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Previously, on Sept. 12: Hungarian scientist Leó Szilárd, waiting at a pedestrian crossing light in London in 1933, conceived the idea of nuclear chain reactions, paving the way for the Manhattan Project. (Must’ve been a long light.)

Also, Texas Instruments staffer Jack Kilby unveiled the first integrated circuit on this day in 1958. He’d had time to pursue the idea because he was too new at TI to qualify for a summer vacation. (Kilby later invented the handheld calculator and the thermal printer; Nobel Prize in 2000.)


Core software: Nomorobo, the telemarketer-thwarting phone technology dreamed up by Port Jeff entrepreneur Aaron Foss, goes live for iOS on Tuesday as Apple releases its much anticipated operating system upgrade.

Musk see: Tech magnate Elon Musk has already ponied up $1 million to get the Tesla Science Center at Shoreham off the ground, and his foundation has promised to do more, including additional bucks and an onsite charging station for Tesla electric vehicles. But will the man himself ever make an appearance?

Not really related: Musk has launched a Twitter appeal for third-party video of the explosion that took out a SpaceX rocket on Sept. 1. The blast, which took place during pre-launch prep and with none of the engines running, was preceded by an odd bang sound, suggesting the Falcon 9 rocket was hit by an external object of some sort.

Conspiracy theories abound: Including – what else? – mysterious lights in the sky.


Hofstra spinout ParqMi steps on the gas

BNL is a five-time finalist for the Oscars of Invention

Caithness touting study on LI’s power needs

SBU nearing breakthrough on Lupus treatment (A perennial favorite)

SUNY Old Westbury, CSHL snag NSF funding

Tubed: The deadline to pile onto the Marchese v. Cablevision class action suitis Sept. 23. (Includes cash, credits or access to a premium channel you probably won’t watch.)

Tom DiNapoli sez: A report from the state comptroller on how Lower Manhattan has changed economically in the 15 years since the 9/11 attacks.

Hate when that happens: The engineering field is expected to grow by only 3 percent over the coming decade, in part because things invented by engineers – design software and plant automation chief among them – are reducing the need for all workers, engineers included.

Raise of the week: Celsius is a bottle-sized food and beverage heater that can boil water, brew coffee or tea and steam lunch, “sleek enough for the office and tough enough for the trail.” Kickstarter campaign is at its $49,000 goal with a month to go.

Also: Nozzle turns your faucet into a mister, saving huge amounts of water.

Remember: Pitch night, tonight, LaunchPad Westbury, 6 p.m., $10, includes beverages, register.

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Feeling safer already: The nation now has a cyber-security chief.

Not directly related: The Department of Justice is looking into whether the Internet of Things poses a terrorist threat.

Off courseBrooklyn-based language startup Fluent City has raised $2.5 million to expand beyond conjugation, including study programs called French State of Mind and, for cocktailers, All Shook Up.

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