No. 161: ThermoLifting, a research paradox and Lindsay earns her chops

It’s Monday out there: Chelsea’s on lockdown, summer’s ending and Yellen & Co. will ponder a rate hike. Oh, and the UN is in town. Could be a bumpy week, kids. Before you buckle up, give a warm Innovate welcome to new readers Traci, Alexandria, Jennifer and Joseph.
Happy birthday, David Ratner.
The science behind pressure cooker IEDs: The cooker pressurizes the rapidly expanding gases of the detonation, making the ultimate rupture significantly more violent. Shrapnel exiting a pressure cooker device can travel at more than 1,000 feet per second, exceeding the speed of sound. Meaning victims can be killed or maimed before they even hear the blast.
The first known pressure cooker IED was used by Maoist rebels in India in 2001. The devices became a standard part of the Afghani terrorist curriculum the following year. More than you probably want to know from NPR.
Hitchhiking doesn’t count: Thursday is National Car Free Day on which celebrants walk, bike or use public transportation. (Not to be confused with National Free Car Day.) Events, challenges and last year’s awards here. Northwell kicked butt.
Who sez we can’t play nice? SBU-affiliated clean energy startup ThermoLift is getting a helping hand on its revolutionary heat pump from the mechatronic folks at Hofstra’s Center for Innovation. Which is cool.
Speaking of SBU: President Sam Stanley on the “extraordinary paradox” facing young scientific researchers today.
Speaking of ThermoLift: The company joins power electronics firm UTS in a presentation at the Suffolk County Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club, tomorrow, 7 to 9 p.m., H. Lee Dennison Building. Call 631-853-4805 for details or just show up with a photo ID.
Plugged in: The state has $3 million for zero-emission car infrastructure.
LICA rock: The latest Long Island Capital Alliance pitch event included everything from a scheduling app to a “mobile-powered talent-assessment system.” A reported 70 VCs and angel investors were on hand.
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Even more during tropical storms: New York has enough wind to power 15 million homes, according to the state. A just-out blueprint.
Mind your Pees and Qs: Illicit drug use among U.S. workers rose for the third consecutive year in 2015 following decades of decline. About 4 percent of tested workers had positive results; about half were for marijuana use. (But meth, cocaine and heroin are still popular.)
Although: There are 25 states that no longer consider pot an illicit substance.
And why aren’t we: Working 15 hours a week like Keynes said we would?
Cuts anything: Wazer is a desktop waterjet cutter that brings digital precision to the home garage. More than $900,000 pledged on its $100K Kickstarter goal, with 50+ days to go.

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Happening this week: Feinstein Institute boss Kevin Tracey speaks at the annual symposium of the New York Academy of Sciences, this one on bioelectronics medicine.
Still time: But barely, to get a seat at the 20th annual LISA Awards. Oct. 20, 6 to 9 p.m., Garden City Hotel, $250.
Size matters: The self-proclaimed “biggest tech expo on Long Island,” Long Island Tech Day, is scheduled to run noon to 8 p.m., Oct. 18 at the Mitchell Field Athletic Complex, across from the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Uniondale.
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Now you know: Long Island wild child Lindsay Lohan is sous cheffing on Jamie Oliver’s “Friday Night Feast” show.
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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.

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