No. 169: ThermoLift impresses, Moustache hits the streets and call him Dr. Dolan

Birthday boy.

Yes. It’s Friday: A great end to the week, everybody. It’s Nov. 4, on which Gatling patented his gun, Abe and Mary hitched and Carter uncovered Tut. It’s also National Jersey Day. (The shirt, not the state.)

Yikes: The Karate Kid turns 55.


Rockin’ Wellness, the Hauppauge health drink maker, is still marching to its own drummer. (But what a beat.)

The Feds are pumping cash into Global NY, the state’s export-support program for small businesses.

ThermoLift dazzles at a Colorado innovation showcase.

Brazil greenlights the Chembio field test for Zika.

Just another great quarter for Henry Schein.

And not bad at Systemax.

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$750 million up for grabs: The local economic development council pitched its plan in Albany this week.

A site to behold: Our pals at Carter DeLuca Farrell & Schmidt have a nifty new corporate platform.

There are: New pediatric and medical/surgical units at Southside.

And: Brookhaven Hospital cut the ribbon on the $60 million Knapp Cardiac Care Center.

Plus: More hot health news here.

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Five-year streak: Farrell Fritz has received a Tier 1 ranking from “Best Lawyers” and will be included in the 2017 edition of U.S. News’ Best Law Firms, which is cool.

All about the green: Northport schools are saving $1 million in energy costs thanks to a deal with the Green Bank.

’Grats: Farmingdale State College has won an innovation award for its work at the Broad Hollow Bioscience Park and the Smart Grid Corridor Project.

Taking it to the streets: Moustache Brewing is celebrating its NYC launch with a westside pub crawl on Saturday. Starts at 2 p.m. at the Pony Bar Hell’s Kitchen.

Glad grad: Cablevision founder Charles Dolan received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Fairfield University, where he is a longtime trustee. The school also boasts the Dolan School of Business, to which Chuck donated $25 million. (He dropped out of John Carroll University to start HBO.)

What to do on Jan. 10: Network with us and LISTnet, Jewel, 5:30 p.m. onward, free apps, buy your own beverages.

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Lunch money: Ando, the David Chang project that seeks to take delivery food to another level, has raised $7 million, the chef’s first foray into OPM. (It’s slow going. They spent four months perfecting one sauce for travel.)

Bucking the trend: Hollar, the dollar store app, has raised $30 million for additional expansion.

Overachieving: What’s worse than significantly outrunning your business plan? For Facebook, not much.

Related: Digital advertising is booming – if you’re Facebook or Google.

Attention Elon Musk: A week after Tesla unveiled its cutting-edge solar roofing system, researchers are showing off a flexible solar collector that can be used on window shades, even wall paper and other interior surfaces.

Net worth: LinkedIn’s new Salary feature lets you figure out if you could make more somewhere else. (Or maybe just keep your head down.)

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Theories still flying: Next summer marks the 80th anniversary of the disappearance of aviatrix Amelia Earhart. Was she, as some maintain, a spy captured by the Japanese, or did she quietly return home to become a suburban housewife named Irene Bolam? Or did she survive a crash only to be consumed by coconut crabs?

Portland Watch: Citifyd, a peer-to-peer platform for renting unused parking assets, eyes lots to the south.

Bay Watch: uBiome analyzes stool samples to tell you what’s going on in the rest of your body, including cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and liver disease. $89 per shot. Just raised $22M.

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On the mat: What’s left of Gawker Media has offered to settle the $140 million judgement won against it by Hulk Hogan for $31 million. Hogan is expected to accept.

Dinner in 2036: Bugs, seaweed and 3-D printed sausages, oh my.

If you missed the Broadway show: Sotheby’s plans to auction a lock of Hamilton’s hair. It’s expected to fetch up to $25,000. Jan. 18.

Finally: Action star Steven Seagal has been granted Russian citizenship. (Hey, maybe he can kick Edward Snowden’s butt for us.)

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading this far.