No. 173: Smart socks, new eyes and Snapchat’s latest Spectacle

No, really.
Monday, Monday: You should be just about out of gravy by now. Say hello to new readers Beth, Arlene, Silus, Peter and Tasha. It’s National French Toast Day. (They call it pain perdu, or lost bread.)
It’s also Cyber Monday, on which we are collectively expected to buy $3.36 billion worth of stuff, a 9.4 percent increase over last year. That will make it the largest shopping day in history, according to Forbes.
But just barely: Americans spent $3.34 billion online on Friday. (Up 21.6 percent YoY.)
Attention management: The number of people who say they like Black Monday because they can shop from work has tripled.
Arm & Hammer baking soda was trademarked on this day in 1905. It was not created by industrialist Armand Hammer, as is often suggested. (He did try to buy the brand once.)
Happy birthday Berry Gordy and Jon Stewart.
Today is: The deadline to apply for the fifth annual Imagine Awards.
Top o’ the site: Sanguistat, a Feinstein Institute spinoff that is commercializing the center’s neural tourniquet research, is heading into clinical trials focused on stemming postpartum hemorrhaging, the No. 1 killer of new mothers.
Speaking of bioelectronics: Mark Stewart, a prof at SUNY’s Downstate Medical Center, is exploring using the vagus nerve to jump start the heart.
A step forward: Siren Care has developed a smart sock for diabetics that tracks inflammation in real time.
Match game: The big business of helping NYC’s 3.2 million singles get a date. (And maybe something more.)
NBC gets it: Digital media pioneer BuzzFeed receives a $200 million boost.
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Frame job: Snapchat’s pop-up holiday store, from which you can buy Spectacles, the company’s insanely popular video-capturing sunglasses, has launched in the former Playboy Club on East Fifty Ninth between Madison and Fifth. Open through New Year’s Eve.
Absolutely going to: LISTnet’s Long Island Tech Showcase featuring ParqMi, MindYolk and eVero, Dec. 8, first pitch at 6 p.m. at the Digital Ballpark in Plainview. Free but register, please.
And: Long Island Capital Alliance’s quarterly pitch, this one for health care companies, Dec. 9, 8 to 11 a.m., RXR’s 68 S. Service Road. $65 for interlopers. Register here.
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They have vision: The Pentagon is the biggest funder of research focused on transplanting the human eye, which doctors believe will be perfected within a decade. (Traumatic eye injuries are the fourth most common combat wound for American soldiers.)
Didn’t screw us up too badly: Parents who perpetuate the Santa myth run the risk of causing psychological problems for their children, the authors of a new paper opine: “If they are capable of lying about something so special and magical, can they be relied upon to continue as the guardians of wisdom and truth?”
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Good to know: Huntington Hospital has installed a pair of Siemens Vista 1500 chemistry analyzers that perform a wide array of automated blood chemistry tests, including one that can detect if you’ve had a recent heart attack.
Good news: Bain Capital has launched a life sciences fund.
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Kneel deal: The Catholic Church has unveiled an app to help the faithful find the nearest mass or confessional. Though officially called The Catholic App, hipsters immediately dubbed it Sindr.
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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.