No. 183: Golub, Waldman, Kaufman, Scaduto and a redux for the VW bus

Joe Scaduto, Lorne Golub and friends.

Happy Tuesday: Which we’ve decided is a much better day than Monday for a newsletter, given the slow pace of news, especially over winter weekends. (OK, that and the playoffs. And Sunday roasts. Fires. Naps. You get the idea.)

It’s Jan. 10, on which Swiss chemist Jacques Brandenberger received a 1911 patent for a waterproof film made from plant material. The inventor combined “cellulose” with “diaphanous” to get the product name cellophane. (Saran Wrap didn’t come along until 1953.)

Happy birthday Tom Cullen and Rod Stewart.

But first, this: Gov. Cuomo launched his 2017 Legislative Nose Thumbing State of the State Budgetary Road Show this week, taking his proposed policy and spending agenda directly to the people and eschewing the time honored one-speech presentation in Albany.

(Which many members of the Leg had vowed to skip.)

The tour kicked off Monday in NYC and Buffalo and was set to hit Long Island today, with Westchester, the Hudson Valley, Albany and Syracuse filling out the back of the T-shirt. Don’t expect many surprises: Cuomo’s major proposals, 12 and counting — make that 18. No, it’s 24. Wait. 35 — have been dribbled out over the past few weeks, including a plan to offer free college tuition and a $10 billion rehab of JFK.

The governor also wants to boost the child-care tax credit, improve cyber security and shutter the Indian Point nuclear power plant. Oh, and there’s a Buffalo Billion II coming. Plus $650 million for the life sciences, which could be a boon for Long Island if we play our cards right.

The stick in the eye: The speeches are taking place while the Legislature is in session, meaning few members will be on hand locally. That includes the Senate majority leader, our own John Flanagan, who was invited to sing backup on the tour but declined.

“We are the group that is directly responsible for voting on legislation and moving bills through the process, so to ignore us would be grossly irresponsible,” Assemblyman Stephen Hawley, a Batavian Republican, harrumphed in a statement.

Bottom line care: Northwell Health is partnering with Pamplona Capital Management (London/NYC) on a just-forming “revenue enhancement” vehicle called Formativ Health, to be run by longtime local exec Dennis Dowling. The idea: Let physicians worry about outcomes and let Dowling worry about incomes.

Good job here: eGifter is looking for a full stack developer. The ideal candidate has 5+ years of experience building and deploying web and mobile-web products, strong architecture and documentation skills and loves an agile environment with TDD and continuous integration. Pay commensurate with the difficulty of finding someone they like. More details here.

Making connections: Innovative education not-for-profit We Connect the Dots is taking space at LaunchPad Westbury and will hold its STEM- and STEAM-focused events there.

Doobie brother: LICA’s Neil Kaufman opines on the state of the cannabis industry.

Name drop: Larry Waldman has opened a Twitter account. @ljwaldman1

Return engagement: Newly minted Congressman Tom Suozzi takes time away from the back benches to address ACIT, Jan. 27, 7:30 a.m., Crest Hollow, details here.

Really big pitch: Farmingdale State College hosts the annual Virtual Enterprises business plan competition, including 1,300 high school students (not a typo) from 70 local schools. Winners go on to compete regionally and nationally. Jan. 13 and 17, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Roosevelt Hall.

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Congrats to: Katy Carney Cole, Dave Curry, Kristina Wesch and Aaron Zerykier for making partner at Farrell Fritz, and ditto to new counsel Rob Harper.

Also: Lorne Golub, a distinguished professor of oral biology and pathology at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine, has been named a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors.

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Give it a shot: Feb. 8 is the deadline to pitch your ideas for biodegradable ammo with seeds inside, helping the Pentagon turn its training grounds into floral showcases. (Or farms. They’re not especially clear on what they’re hoping to grow.)

Speaking of deadlines: Only five days left at the Everlast reusable notebook party on Kickstarter, now over $1 million on a $26,000 goal. $34 gets you one notebook, which links with Dropbox and other cloud folders to save your work, then wipes clean.

Stuff we’re thinking about going to: The Innovate calendar is here.

Attention Joe Scaduto: Mars, the candy company, is spending $7+ billion to buy a chain of pet care centers. (Scaduto’s company has rights to a nifty periodontal product for companion dogs and other animals. M&Ms + pet teeth – could be something there for you, Joe.)

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Streaming: NYC finished the subway wireless project on time.

Not taking it lying down: Ambulance companies working with National MedTrans Network, a Ronkonkoma-based company that dispatches nonemergency rides to mostly elderly and disabled New Yorkers, say they are owned $2 million in back fees.

Attention former flower children: The Volkswagen Kombi bus is back as an AWD electric.

Lardy, lardy: Cooking grease poured into sewers is a problem across all of NYC, but nowhere as seriously as in Queens, home to 120 different nationalities that fry.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading this far.

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