No. 191: Christopher’s rising, Skip is not and 295,000 Facebook users can’t be wrong

Zeppelin: The governor is a fan.

TG it’s F, no? A happy end of the week, everybody. It’s Feb. 17, which would be July 4 if you lived in Kosovo. National Random Acts of Kindness Week is winding down, so if you haven’t, chop chop.

(Or you could wait until tomorrow and randomly take someone out for National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day. Or stay in and make Chef Nick Landry’s version. With the Mornay sauce. Mmmm.)

Happy birthday Chris Lopinto and Donna Bliss. (You’re on deck with a big one, Jonathan Ezor.)

The Innovator of the Year awards are March 21. You shouldn’t miss.


SBU computer science researchers are working on a plan to replace all those wires with lasers.

Smithtown-based iGambit has acquired a Florida digital-asset platform that works especially well in the patient data space. More deals coming soon, promises iGambit chief John Salerno.

Gov. Cuomo wants to see less government. (At the county level, at least.)

Traverse Biosciences has a new patent and a hot new licensing deal.

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You make me whole: Opposites may attract, but birds of a feather are more likely to flock together, according to new research on old adages in which Stony Brook scientists took part. (It involved 295,320 Facebook users, so it must be true.)

To air is human: John “Skip” Williams, former prez of SUNY Downstate Medical Center, has paid $3,000 to settle ethics charges stemming from a roundtrip personal flight to Bermuda that was charged to a state-issued credit card. Williams resigned in December.

Congrats: Sahn Ward Coschignano partner John P. Christopher has been named a Fellow of the New York Bar Foundation, an elite group that represents less than 1% of state bar association membership.

All hooked up: Gov. Cuomo released his Spotify list this week to celebrate the music service’s decision to locate its headquarters in NYC. The list includes 38 songs – from Aerosmith to Zeppelin – and two favorite speeches. (Must’ve been hard narrowing it down. The speeches.)

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Attention DNC: Watson for Cyber Security is now available. The platform, previously taught to identify new drugs and win at Jeopardy, has been boning up on cyber threats since last May. IBM said it fed Watson 700 terabytes of information from its threat database.

Marginally related: The state has ordered New York financial institutions to tighten up security beginning March 1.

Decide already: A coalition of business groups is pushing for an expedited court ruling on the tax-like payments LIPA makes to communities in which power plants are located, now 15 percent of customer bills. (And a really unfair subsidy for those communities, many ratepayers argue.) Newsday’s Mark Harrington reports here.

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Getting together: Softbank buys Fortress, PayPal acquires TIO Networks and Cliqz picks up some of Ghostery.

Better hurry: The White House issued new rules that shorten the enrollment period for health insurance from three months to six weeks.

Related: Obamacare is in a “death spiral,” the CEO of Aetna opined this week.

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Eggs with a ham: Greg David, former Crain’s editor and now director of the biz journalism program at CUNY, headlines ACIT’s business breakfast, March 15, 7:30 networking, 8:30 program, Crest Hollow, ticket info and sponsorships here.

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It’s come to this: The Dutch city of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk is embedding LED signs in the sidewalks to tell smartphone users when it’s safe to cross.

The breakdown of the week: More than 80% of smartphones in use are Android, followed by iOS (17%) and Windows (1.1%) Remember the BlackBerry? Now with 0.2% market share.

Well that didn’t last long: Reversing a December 2015 decision, Playboy has decided that naked pictures actually are what they’re all about.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading this far.

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