No. 193: Megna bats cleanup, Schein shines and it’s a looong way to that dwarf red sun

TG it’s Friday: A happy end to the week, everybody, and hope you’ve been applying the sun screen. It’s Feb. 24, on which, in 1983, the Dow closed above 1,100 for the first time.

Don’t forget: The Innovator of the Year awards are March 21, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., and covering everything from wave energy to custom-fit lingerie.

But first, this: Robert Megna, Stony Brook University’s senior vice president for finance, has been named president of the real estate development arms of scandal-tainted SUNY Polytechnic Institute. Megna will reportedly retain his SBU job but split his time between Albany, Buffalo and Long Island.

The development entities, Fuller Road Management Corp. and Fort Schuyler Management Corp., own and manage the upstate school’s growing real estate portfolio, including the $750 million factory being built for Elon Musk’s SolarCity operation, and the $20 billion SUNY Poly campus.

Megna replaces Robert Samson, a retired IBM executive who took over the jobs in September, just two months before Polytechnic founder and president Alain Kaloyeros was indicted on bid-rigging charges related to the Buffalo Billion economic development plan.

Kaloyeros, known as the architect of the Capital Region’s nanotechnology boom – and for his quick wit and love of Ferraris – was one of eight people charged by federal prosecutor Preet Bharara in November. The criminal investigations have already caused one computer chip company to back out of a development project in Utica.

Megna was previously the executive director of the New York State Thruway Authority and Canal Corp., and served as budget director for the New York State Division of the Budget. He joined SBU in January 2016. He will keep his $400,000 Stony Brook salary and receive an additional $100,000 from the development jobs, according to news reports.


Jonathan Gilbert-led Scythian Biosciences has inked a $16 million deal to study the use of cannabinoids in reducing post-concussion brain inflammation.

Computer Associates co-founder Russ Artzt will headline the LI Capital Alliance’s March 10 tech forum.

Henry Schein buys something again.

The Feinstein Institute has entered into a partnership with GE that will support the medical researcher’s bioelectronics medicine work. Financial details – and there are some – were not disclosed.

Northwell is investing almost $50 million in a molecular diagnostics lab in Little Neck.

Adelphi is talking up its March 31 Tedx event.


Ten Hut: Tireless SBU Computer Science prof Long Lu has received a grant from the Army’s research wing to explore beefing up security on web-mobile integrations.

Farm to goblet: Gov. Cuomo is taking rightful pride in the number of farm-connected craft beverage shops that have sprung up since his administration began easing the state’s draconian liquor laws. The list, including 14 on Long Island.

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Today’s Two-Minute Science Primer™: It would take 40 years to get to the newly discovered Trappist-1 solar system … if you were traveling at the speed of light. Which you won’t be anytime soon. If you were traveling at the speed of Voyager 1, or about 38,500 miles per hour, it would take 700,000 years, according to the smart people on Quora.

But: Thanks to time dilation, it wouldn’t feel that long.

Speaking of space missions: The Apollo 11 command module is readying for a two-year round-the-country tour that leads up to the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing in July 2019.

Good to go: The Federal Trade Commission has cleared Veeco Instruments’ $815 million cash and stock deal for Ultratech, a San Jose manufacturer of equipment used to make semiconductor devices. The deal should close next quarter.

Life after Jeopardy: IBM Watson Health is partnering with the Central New York Care Collaborative to create a cognitive regional health management platform that might reduce hospital usage.

Also: The firm is teaming with Massachusetts’ Atrius Health physician group to develop software that can offer better medical histories and “de-identified” information on similar patients and their outcomes, allowing docs to draw broader insights on treatment strategies.

Watson says: The untapped value of insights from health industry data is estimated to be near $300 billion annually.

Chain, chain, chain: Hofstra is teaming up with the fine folks of APICS for a supply chain management primer, featuring big names from Telephonics, Henry Schein and UPS. March 7, 6 to 8 p.m., info here.

Congrats: Renee Flagler has been named executive director of the Long Island chapter of Girls Inc., with Barbara Joy Beatus as associate director.

Also: Innovate pals Dave Kapell and Larry Levy are among those being honored at this year’s Long Island Progressive Coalition soiree, April 1, more info here.

Bite fight: Andrew Hazen held his second annual bagel eating contest this month. In the seventeenth century, competitive eating relied on ale soaked bread and huge quantities of tripe.

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.

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