No. 216: Top craft brews, Buffalo bots and you can’t imagine what you coulda made with Amazon

Sam Altman, future governor.

It’s May 16: A happy Tuesday, everybody and welcome new readers including Nora, Raul and Zak. Happy to have you all aboard.

Nikola Tesla filed a patent on this day in 1900 covering “The art of transmitting electrical energy through the natural mediums.”

Spaghetti-Os made their debut in 1965.

But first, this: Thirty-nine-year-old Emmanuel Macron was sworn in as the president of France on Sunday, becoming the youngest leader in the country’s “modern” history, which dates back to 1848 and the previous youngest president, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, the 40-year-old nephew of the man from Elba.

(Limited by the constitution to one term, Louis later staged a coup d’état and named himself Emperor, which served to interrupt the presidential thing for awhile.)

Theodore Roosevelt, America’s youngest president at election, was just shy of 43.

Macron, accused during the run-up elections of being an over-educated elitist, wore a modest suit to the swearing in – it only cost 450 euros, his staff noted repeatedly – while his wife donned borrowed duds from a fashion house.

The new president also eschewed the traditional limo in favor of an open-air French military vehicle for the customary ride down the Champs-Élysées, evoking Jimmy Carter’s “we’re just normal folks” stroll to the White House in 1977.

(History has not yet adjudged the purpose of President Trump’s inaugural walk, although the wags say he hoped Melania could build the crowd.)

Macron spent his first full day on the job visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The euro rallied.

Speak fast: Islip holds its annual CEO summit featuring speed demos by local execs, June 15, 8:30 a.m., Boulton Center in Bay Shore, breakfast, free, info here, we’ll be there.

You didn’t vote enough: The five finalists for the state’s inaugural craft brewery challenge, based on fan support, are Cooperstown’s Brewery Ommegang, Genesee Brewing Co. of Rochester, Auburn’s Prison City Pub and Brewery, the Roscoe Beer Co. and Lakewood’s Southern Tier Brewing Co.

They’ll face off tomorrow night at Pier A in Battery Place.

Long Island’s Healthiest Companies: A new Innovate LI program recognizes local firms that promote workplace health and employee wellness. Nominations being accepted here now and mark your calendars for Sept. 13.

I’ve got a SEQRet: The Empire Center accuses the governor of pushing environmental reform solely to grease the skids for his big infrastructure projects.

Congrats: Lior Brimberg, an assistant prof at Northwell’s Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, received the Young Investigator Award from the International Society of Autism Research for her innovative work in helping to identify the causes of Autism.

Also: SBU engineering dean Fotis Sotiropoulos gets the 2017 Rouse Hydraulic Engineering Award for generating a quantum leap forward in the development and application of computational fluid dynamics for waterways.

If you didn’t like the Start-Up NY math: You’ll hate this. We kicked in $750 million for upstate’s SolarCity plant in exchange for the promise of 1,500 jobs. It now looks like they will go largely to robots.

Clubbing: Members of the Commack High School inventor’s class unveil their usually awesome ideas at the monthly meet of the Suffolk Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club, tonight, 7 p.m., H. Lee Dennison Building in Hauppauge, call 631-853-4805 or e-mail:

The rest: Of the Innovate calendar is here.

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Bun Joie Vie: The Shake Shack cookbook has dropped. You are now free to make the planet’s best burgers at home.

Investors get it: Walmart has three times the revenue of Amazon and five times its net income. Amazon has twice the market cap.

If you bought Amazon on Day 1, you’re up 49,000 percent. No typo.

Hasta la vista, baby: Sam Altman, the 32-year-old tech investor and app innovator and current president of Y Combinator, is seriously considering a run for the governorship of California.

This is smart, actually: The FDA is building a digital health unit in an effort to develop internal technical expertise to do speedier software review and regulation of medical devices. Funding begins with the Oct. 1 fiscal year. (If there is an Oct. 1 fiscal year.)

A slide show averted: 14 foods that combat stress are dark leafy greens, avocados, blueberries, chocolate, oatmeal, garlic, oysters, turkey, salmon, chamomile, pickled stuff, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds.

(Save time: Fish tacos with mole sauce.)

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