No. 241: Great waves at Hofstra, low debt at Farmingdale and trouble brewing at Hooters

Prolonged sitting can cause early death. And this.

It’s Wednesday out there: Happy mid-week, everybody. Today is Sept. 13, on which Francis Scott Key penned the poem that would later be set to music to create our notoriously unsingable national anthem.

Well, except when Whitney did it.

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Big congrats: Hofstra’s WRHU student-run radio station won the 2017 Marconi Award as the best non-commercial radio station in the land.

Didn’t Michael Crichton write this? Applied DNA Sciences has signed a deal via which it will try to commercialize a secret DNA microarray with the Army’s chemical and biological command.

So there: When the Suffolk Legislature demanded a report on the county’s IDA operation, lawmakers never guessed it would turn out to be the most cost-effective program in the state, with job creation numbers that make the goals look like little girlie men. Eco-dev czarina Regina Zara speaks proudly, rightly, in this week’s Debrief.

Class acts: Stony Brook (97), Hofstra (132) and Adelphi (151) all made the national college ranking put out by US News & World Report, but the big winner might be Farmingdale State College, which ranked seventh on the best schools in the Northeast list and – listen up, parents – No. 2 in the Least Debt Upon Graduation category.

Substance program: Northwell has added a new treatment center to its fight against opioid abuse.

Taste of defeat: The governor’s ballyhooed craft beverage week will be held Nov. 5-11 to boost the state’s “world-class wine, beer, spirits and ciders, helping to increase sales and drive economic growth.” Only one Long Island brewery and four wineries showed up for the kickoff event this week.


You’re in good company: Forced to suffer the indignity of buying health insurance in the Obamacare markets? Guess who has the contract to check your income and other personal data for the program? Yes, that would be Equifax.

An app in timeZello, which enables people to communicate on public channels using Wi-Fi or cellular data, gained six million new users a day since Hurricane Irma blew ashore, and it’s currently the top free app in the United States.

Perhaps that will goose sales: Apple is partnering up with a group of clinicians at Stanford, as well as telemedicine vendor American Well, to test whether Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor can detect abnormal heart rhythms.

Resting on your laurels: Whether you’re a heavy sitter or a binge-sitter, racking up prolonged sedentary time increases your risk of early death, according to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Charge on: Volvo did it. Then Jaguar Land Rover. Now Volkswagen Group has committed to electrifying its entire lineup by 2030, pledging to have an electric version of each of its new models available.

And: Mercedes-Benz wasted no time announcing its intent to offer electric and hybrid versions of all of its vehicles by 2022.

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+ 23andMe, the consumer genetics and research company, raised $250 million in growth financing led by Sequoia Capital, Euclidean Capital, Altimeter Capital and the Wallenberg Foundation.

Aunt Fannie’s, an Oregon-based provider of non-toxic, microbiome-based cleaning and anti-pest solutions raised $2.5 million in funding led by RCV Partners and CircleUp.

+ AeroFarms, an indoor vertical farming company, received a grant from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research for a total investment of nearly $2 million.


Bartender, there’s seaweed in my beer: Portsmouth Brewery has teamed with the University of New Hampshire in harvesting sugar kelp for a brew they’ve dubbed Selkie, “a perfect session beer,” or a low-alcohol beer that can be consumed over an extended period of time. The quaff showcases a salty, briney, slightly vegetal flavor with a sweet malt body.

A Guinness record? China is the single largest alcohol beverage market in the world, with the beer category rapidly expanding. Guinness and Anheuser-Busch InBev are partnering to tap that growth potential, natch.

And word to the wise: If you’re drinking Champagne out of a flute, then you’re doing it all wrong, according to the CEO and president of Krug, who compares that to “going to a concert with ear plugs.”

We thought it was the wings: The number of Hooters locations in the United States dropped by more than 7 percent over the past four years, likely because millennials have less of a fascination with breasts than previous generations, according to a study by online adult PornHub. (Wow. A porn site that does studies.)

Bonus facts: People in Wisconsin search the PornHub site for “breasts” most often; those in Mississippi least so.

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Compiled by John Kominicki and Marlene McDonnell. Thanks for reading.