No. 249: Plain talk, the Amazon HQ thing and how to look awesome for the rest of your life

You could look beautiful forever if you gave up fried foods. And ate nuts.

It’s Friday: A happy end to the week, everyone, and welcome new sponsor PSEG Long Island. Today is National Train Your Brain Day, meaning it’s OK to sudoku at work.

Billy Joel released “52nd Street” on this day in 1978. It became the eventual record of the year. Yes, but what was the album’s top hit? Answer after the news.

Going viral: Vaccine creator Codagenix, the star of Farmingdale State College’s Broad Hollow Bioscience Park, has landed a $1.5 million Phase II Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Institutes of Health and another $1.5 million in private funding from Mamaroneck-based VC firm Topspin Partners.

The startup, which is already developing vaccines for the Zika virus and a host of other nasties, takes the fight to Respiratory Syncytial Virus, a wicked little bug that infects infants and small children.

Guv sighting: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory officially kicked off renovation of the 1950s-era Demerec Laboratory, the future centerpiece of the lab’s Center for Therapeutics Research, a $75 million initiative designed to leverage the lab’s biomedical expertise into new therapeutic treatments for genetic diseases.

Tech primer: Cerini & Associates has released a pretty nifty white paper for technology executives, with a follow-on event at WeWork Soho West on Nov. 7, more details on that to follow. But check out the paper.

Repeat after me: Alan Alda continues his quest to get scientists to speak plain talk with a five-part online series that teams the actor’s Stony Brook-based communicating school with Scientific American magazine.

The many trials of development: Sahn Ward Coschignano has successfully repped the City of Glen Cove in a suit brought by two residents who claimed the 10-year review process for the planned Villa at Glen Cove condo project was insufficient. The court disagreed. Turns out the suit was also time-barred by the statute of limitations.

Not related: CIBS, a group of local commercial real estate brokers, has donated $10,000 for hurricane relief efforts.

We’re going: Former Yankees great Bernie Williams keynotes ACIT’s annual December awards luncheon, Dec. 8 at Crest Hollow, info here. (Four Gold Gloves, one Grammy nomination.)

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Amazon HQ speculation of the week: A business newspaper speculates that the online giant will select a city in which it already has R&D facilities, tipping the scale towards Atlanta, Austin, Minneapolis, Boston, Pittsburgh or Portland. (Minneapolis? No.)

Hold it: Moody’s says NYC is still in the running. But Austin wins.

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Top of the list: The Most Powerful Women in Banking are reshaping not only their institutions but also their industry, according to the October issue of American Banker Magazine. Leading the list for 2017 is Cathy Bessant. chief operations and technology officer at Bank of America.

Just paper: Engineers from Georgia Tech and Korea University have developed a new supercapacitor that’s designed to store more energy longer. And it’s made out of ordinary paper, meaning it’s flexible enough to power wearable electronics.

Billy Joel trivia: “Honesty?” No.

Long cables required: A new study suggests that wind speeds over the oceans could allow offshore turbines to generate far more energy than a land-based wind farm – with the North Atlantic, in particular, theoretically able to provide enough energy for all of human civilization.

Owning it: Amazon’s Alexa will be loaded on 68 percent of all smart speakers by the end of the year, analysts project. Google Assistant will be No. 2 with an estimated 24 percent market share.

Wheels of fortune: Auto marketplace and comparisons site CarGurus surged 84 percent in its public debut, with shares priced above range at $16, hitting $30 and closing around $28. The company, which generates revenue from car dealer subscriptions, raised $150 million.

Death happens: Seattle startup Tomorrow Ideas wants millennials to start planning for the big one. So, wills, insurance, living trusts, etc. on an app.

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New look at New Wave: “Dare to be Different,” a documentary on game-changing LI radio station WLIR, drops at the Gold Coast Film Festival, Nov. 12, two screenings, info here.

Discuss amongst yourselves: There are apparently 15 kinds of Cheerios.

How to look great forever: Morning tea, make your own lunch, snack on seeds, don’t eat anything fried. Ever. Repeat.

Goodbye, Le Cirque: But thanks for the pasta alla primavera. “It’s a monkey’s paw of a legacy, to have birthed an immortal gastronomic titan but not to have attained immortality of one’s own.”

Billy Joel trivia: “My Life.”

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.