No. 37: Zemsky speed visits, General Assembly eyes LI and Velveeta doesn’t float

Shark Tank's Daymond John headlines the TriNet event in NYC.

BUT THE WINGS ARE GOOD: Empire State Development chief Howard Zemsky dropped in on a speed mentoring program in Huntington last night to watch 60 or so entrepreneurs get free advice from assembled professionals, in 20-minute bursts.

“I had no idea Long Island had such a robust entrepreneurial community,” Zemsky told the crowd, which had stoked up on networking, pizza and beer. “I’ve never seen so much enthusiasm. Thanks for daring to be an entrepreneur.”

The event was sponsored by Empire State’s Business Mentor NY program, along with LISTnet and LaunchPad. The state program, which marks its first anniversary today, has connected more than 1,500 entrepreneurs with hundreds of legal, marketing, business development and other experts. And without a huge TV ad budget.

Though a resident of Buffalo for the past 33 years, Zemsky is a Woodbury native and, he said, glad to be back on home turf: “You cannot get real pizza in Buffalo,” he confided.

The next speed mentoring event is set for June 23 in Uniondale, according to the commish. Details soon.

SHELF LIFE: Deals are flowing in the wake of a first of its kind Calverton Incubator program that brought in top local retailers to train foodies on the art of getting their wares from farmer’s market to supermarket. King Kullen, IGA and a dozen specialty shops took part. There’s even a rumored pact with Whole Foods. Innovate LI

ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: General Assembly, the NYC co-working startup that pivoted into a tech training firm, is scoping out the Long Island market for a potential branch operation. The firm, which hit $50M in revenue in a short four years, is offering discounts to LISTnet members as it trawls for potential future teachers. Stay tuned.

DOUBLE CUBED: Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone’s new technology executive advisory group – called Tech Task Team or T-Cubed, like its just-launched Nassau counterpart – meets today for an inaugural mind meld. The group is chaired by LISTnet’s Peter Goldsmith and Jove Equity Partners CEO David Calone. Besides the usual suspects – Artzt, Shamash, Hazen, Roye, Leventhal et al – the group includes Beatriz Capulo from Zebra, Evero’s Christos Morris and David Antar from A Plus Technology & Security. Nineteen in all.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Hauppauge-based Intelligent Product Solutions announced the launch of an Internet of Things practice to bring its electrical and mechanical design prowess to the digital space. Experts believe the bulk of household and consumer products will be connected within a short five years. And that includes the lowly coffee mug, according to IPS chief Mitch Maiman. Innovate LI

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AND WE WERE WORRIED ABOUT TEXTING: A survey commissioned by AT&T shows that motorists – of all ages – routinely post to Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, take selfies and shoot video while behind the wheel. Thirty percent of the Twitter posters said they “do it all the time.” Scary details here

BONE HEADED: Less than 25 percent of men would accept an osteoporosis screening if offered, according to a study by North Shore-LIJ’s Dr. Irina Dashkova, and woman are four times more likely as men to take preventive measures, such as taking calcium and vitamin D supplements to strengthen bones. The findings were presented at last week’s American Geriatrics Society confab in Washington. Research suggests 13 percent of men over 50 will have an osteoporosis-related fracture. USNews

MAKING A MARK: Trademark applications hit a record 455K in 2014, an increase of 25% over those filed in 2010. With all that competition for brand and company monikers, entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to professional namers to get just the right feel – and legal protection – for their startup or product. Expensive but maybe worth it. Crain’s

BLOOMBERG ON THE CHEAP: Want a Bloomberg terminal but can’t afford the $24K annual subscription? Money.Net has a perfectly fine alternative for as little as $600 a year. The firm was started by former Bloomberg exec Morgan Downey, who hopes to take a small share of his former employer’s empire, but with innovative new features. He’s bootstrapped into profitability. CNY

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MAKER MISTAKE: Brooklyn-based Makerbot, which shuttered three consumer outlets last month following tepid demand, has refocused on educational and professional customers, and so far so good. Corporate clients now include manufacturing plants such as GE First Build – a “mircofactory” for small-batch appliances – and Martha Stewart, who has a collection of 3D printed goods. Five thousand schools also use Makerbot’s printers. NYBJ

BIT BY BIT: The New York Stock Exchange launched its own bitcoin index this week, giving instant cred to cryptocurrency. The index basically analyzes a dataset of transactions to produce a daily value for one bitcoin in U.S. dollars as of 4 p.m. London time. The first pricing took place Monday with the bitcoin pegged at $237.03.

BRONX CHEER: Average pay in the Bronx is on the rise and now tops Brooklyn and Staten Island. The Yankees, which make up 2.5 percent of all wages in the Bronx, helped. The numbers for 2013: Manhattan, $102K; Bronx $47K, Staten Island, $42K and Brooklyn, $40K. Nonetheless, the Bronx remains the poorest county in the state, with median household income 40% below the rest of the city.

SEND ANOTHER BILLION FOR PET TRAINING: Buffalo ranked 26th in the nation for dog attacks on mail carriers last year, tying Orlando, Omaha, Flushing and Tulsa. LA was first.

THANKS, DAVE: The top 23 things David Letterman invented, including stupid pet tricks, the world’s largest vase contest and Will It Float? (The block of Velveeta cheese, as we recall, didn’t.) Mental Floss

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