No. 41: zTailor, a cheat sheet for startups and the Poconos thank you, Morris Wilkins

YOU’RE GONNA LIKE THE WAY THIS LOOKS: Though ousted from Men’s Wearhouse, George Zimmer still wants you to look your best. Behold zTailors, a digital platform that connects customers with on-demand thread meisters who make housecalls. Deal Book

STARTING OUT: Becoming the next billion-dollar startup starts with a careful eye on launch expense. Here’s sage advice – and a handy template every entrepreneur and mentor should use – from Tech Crunch’s Sanil Rajaraman.

CHECKING IN WITH LESKO: Accelerate Long Island is poised to announce another round of biotech and clean gen investments, plus new partnerships with its dramatically bulked-up seed fund. And a mentoring program. And … well, read the weekly Debrief.

AT LEAST UNTIL LABOR DAY: Thirstie, the NYC liquor delivery platform, has expanded service to the Hamptons.

WE HAVE ONE WORD FOR YOU. BEER. Craft beer, specifically. Or, rather, the new bus service that will take you safely to Long Island craft brewers. Our story on the LI Brew Bus set traffic and click records. Big records. (So look for more beer coverage in the future.)

SMARTY PANTS: One of many odd things coming out of last week’s Google conference: wired fabric. Called Project Jacquard – after the French inventor of the programmable loom – the goal is to add clothing to the Internet of Things.Levi’s is already on board.

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BAD SCIENCE: There has been a startling rise in the number of retracted scientific papers in the past two decades, including faulty treatises on autism, stem cell production and molecular-scale transistors. The last one cost the author his PhD. NYT

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HOT EVENTS: LIFT presents 3D arts expert Paul Lipsky and Stony Brook University visualization honcho Ari Kaufman at a technology round table, Visualizing the Virtual, Wednesday, June 3, 2:30 to 5:30 p.m., SBU’s CEWIT center, $10.Registration required.

The Town of Islip hosts its fifth annual CEO Summit, an Ignite event featuring local companies in speed-round presentations, with Supervisor Angie Carpenter and Innovate’s John Kominicki. Thursday, June 11, 8:30 to 10:30 a.m., no charge but please register.

YOU REALLY WANT THOSE SHOES: You’re worried about all those web ads following you around? It’s about to get much scarier. Canadian startup Granify identifies online window shoppers and provides “contextual stimuli” to convince them to pull out a credit card. Customers are, no surprise, large U.S. retailers. Just backed with a $7M round led by Peter Thiel.

FEELING LONELY: As Nobel Prize winner Enrico Fermi once asked, “Where is everybody?” If there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, how come it hasn’t found us already? Six decades later – and 10 billion years after the Milky Way formed – the Fermi Paradox still stumps SETI and astrobiological thinkers. NPR

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GOOD NEWS: Cuba is off the State Sponsor of Terrorism list, having not officially sponsored any terrorism for a full 30 days, according to the Obama administration. That leaves only Iran, Syria and Sudan to worry about.

MUST WATCH: Researchers from MIT have devised a miniature origami robot that self-folds, walks, swims, moves objects and then melts away. Not sure about future applications, but this is way cool. TC video

MORRIS WILKINS, 90: The man who brought the first heart-shaped bathtub to the Poconos has passed. Although he never got that design past USPTO officials, they did award a patent for his champagne glass-shaped tub. From whence many fun bubble baths.

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THE ULTIMATE MEETUP: Silicon Valley execs too busy to nurture their own relationships are increasingly turning to Amy Anderson and Linx Dating. For a hefty membership fee – and up to six figures if the match leads to marriage – Anderson will scour the nation for the perfect potential spouse. Business Insider

I’VE BEEN MISSING A NECK PILLOW THINGEE SINCE 1978: Scottsboro, Ala., population 14,800, gets nearly a million visitors a year to the national Unclaimed Baggage Center to treasure-hunt lost bags, cloths, skis, laptops, tools, eyeglasses and, of course, Bose headphones. “Our motto is, ‘You never know!'” says director Brenda Cantrell. Smithsonian

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Compiled by John Kominicki. Thanks for reading.