No. 424: Rembrandt, Ben Franklin and Marie Curie walk into a newsletter … plus, the LIBDC’s golden touch

Going postal: This guy became postmaster-general of the American colonies on this date in 1775.


The end is nigh: And that’s good news, faithful readers, as another summer workweek expires and another warm weekend begins. Well played.

It’s a sun-splashed July 26 on Long Island, and before we wrap up the week in socioeconomic innovation, a hearty welcome to new newsletter subscribers Yeji Lee, Barret, Dan, Stephen, Jeremy, Kris, Himani, Scott, Neil, Stephanie, Jason, Brandi, Sarah and William.

Bonvenon: Surely it’s no coincidence that you join us on Esperanto Day, an annual global celebration of the 1887 publication of L.L. Zamenhof’s “Dr. Esperanto’s Lingvo Internacia (International Language).”

Also known as “Unua Libro (First Book),” the textbook introduced the Polish ophthalmologist’s famous “orphan language,” Zamenhof’s attempt to unite a disparate world.

Shake it up: July 26 is also National Coffee Milkshake Day, which seems a bit gratuitous, but we’re still game.

Old master: He could definitely paint, but it turns out Rembrandt van Rijn – who declared bankruptcy on this date in 1656 – was terrible with money.

Post mark: The U.S. Postal Service was officially created in 1792, but traces its mail route to July 26, 1775, when the Second Continental Congress named Benjamin Franklin postmaster-general of the American colonies.

Are those bells we hear? Happy anniversary to Pierre Curie and the radiant Marie Sklodowska, who wed on this date in 1895 and went on to rack up Nobels.

Big screen debut: Vitascope Hall, remembered as the world’s first for-profit movie theater, opened on July 26, 1896.

Happy bur-thday: The FBI turns 111 today.

Bureau matter: The Federal Bureau of Investigation started flashing badges on this date in 1908, under U.S. Department of Justice Chief Examiner Stanley Finch.

Meanwhile, some kid named John E. Hoover started with the DOJ on July 26, 1917.

Peace plan: And speaking of federal departments, President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act on this date in 1947, reorganizing the nation’s post-war military structure and creating the Department of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Council and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Shaw must go on: Still influencing Western theater, culture and politics, Irish playwright, critic and activist George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) would be 163 years old today.

Also born on July 26 were Swiss psychiatrist, “analytical psychology” creator and frequent Freud collaborator Carl Jung (1875-1961); “Brave New World” author Aldous Huxley (1894-1963); American engineer and “father of robotics” Joseph Engelberger (1926-2015); and two of America’s great filmmakers – Blake Edwards (1922-2010) and Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999).

Paint it black: Mick Jagger (pictured in 1976) turns 76 today.

Satisfaction: And take a bow, Sir Michael Philip Jagger – the English singer, songwriter, actor and producer, who’s still touring with his Rolling Stones mates, turns 76 today.

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The determinator: If artificial intelligence is going to realize humanity is a threat and wipe us out in some kind of apocalyptic machine-overlord nightmare scenario, it’s going to have to get by Gov. Andrew Cuomo first.

This week, the governor signed legislation creating a temporary state commission to investigate how to regulate AI and robotics “in the best interest of New Yorkers” – if not preventing the Rise of the Machines, at least determining how such technologies might enhance the public sector, without threatening employment, compromising personal information or otherwise inconveniencing organic beings.

That is the mission of the New York State Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation Commission, which will “look closely at how these rapidly evolving technologies are functioning,” according to Cuomo. “Artificial intelligence and automation are already having a profound impact across many industries and their influence keeps growing, so it’s critical that we do everything in our power to understand their capabilities and potential pitfalls.”

Telly us more: A Hauppauge-based media consultant has snagged a prestigious 2019 Telly Award, which honors video production across various media.

Clinical Trial Media, a niche producer that works with pharmaceutical companies to create impactful messages that encourage patients to participate in clinical trials, won a Silver Telly Award in the “Fitness, Health & Wellness Regional TV” category when the Telly Awards Judging Council handed out its 40th annual honors last month. The Telly Awards receive more than 12,000 entries annually from global video-content producers and boast a long winners’ list including ESPN, HBO, Google, Microsoft, NBC and many others.

The Hauppauge media consultancy joins Melville-based digital agency EGC Group, which won a Silver Telly Award in the “Products and Services for Social Video” category, on the 2019 podium. “We are so proud of our creative department and the commitment to empowering patients to take action through relatable and impactful creatives,” said Clinical Trial Media CEO Cara Brant.



Golden eye: The more things change, the more they stay the same for the Long Island Business Development Council, which looks back on 50 successful years.

Take me to the pilot: The Long Island Bioscience Hub – a federally funded, multi-institution pilot program aimed at regional biotech commercialization – is flying high.

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A stellar review for Suffolk job-maker Contract Pharmacal, STEAM dreams for Long Island cancer campers.



Innovate LI’s inbox overrunneth with inspirational ideas from all North American corners. This week’s brightest out-of-town innovations:

Roll with it: VARRAM’s pet-friendly “fitness robot.”

From California: Los Angeles-based robotics innovator VARRAM introduces an AI-powered robo-companion that keeps pets busy when families aren’t home.

From Canada, eh: Toronto-based artificial intelligence integrator introduces a Dispatch and Scheduling as a Service platform to keep commercial fleets moving.

From Colorado: Denver-based supplement supplier Physician’s Choice whips up an “advanced biotin formula” that boosts hair, nails, skin, even metabolism.



David Loewy

+ David Loewy has been hired as partner and chief creative officer at Huntington-based OpenMoves. He previously served as chief creative officer at Holbrook-based Hedgehog Development.

+ Anthony Corso has been hired as clinic director at Huntington Station-based MOTION Sports Medicine. He previously served as director of Hauppauge-based Corso Physical Therapy.

+ Anthony Cummings, a partner in the Litigation Practice Group at East Meadow-based Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman, has been elected president of the Board of Directors of Amityville-based Hope For Youth.

+ Jason Lo has been hired as an associate at Syosset-based Kaplan, Kaplan & DiTrapani. He previously served as an associate at Huang & Associates in Manhattan.

+ Michael Dischley has been hired as an associate attorney at Melville-based Hurwitz & Fine. He held the same position at Albertson-based Ahmuty Demers & McManus.

+ Paul Tessy has been named senior vice president, international at Jericho-based Purolator International. He previously held a number of senior roles – including CEO, Latin America and Canada – at Florida-based DHL e-Commerce.



NYSG Director Rebecca Shuford

Sea Trek: The New York Sea Grant program, which guides the stewardship of statewide waterways from Stony Brook, has a new director.

Sea Trek 2 – The Search for Earhart: Ocean explorer Robert Ballard found the Titanic, and now he’s going after Amelia’s long-lost airplane.  

 Sea Trek 3 – The Voyage Home: Massachusetts Institute of Technology designers have created an “ecologically restorative urban waterfront” for 55,000 residents.

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