No. 455: Kalikow knows, Empire invades, Rod Stewart stays on track – and why WOS is A-OK with PSEG

On the air: Bob Hope was among the early stars of the NBC Radio Network, which became a thing 93 years ago today.


The final countdown: The clock is ticking, dear readers, as we speed toward the climactic conclusion of another busy workweek.

To set a proper Friday mood, straight from 1986 … please welcome Swedish rockers Europe!

Play it again: Please be sure to reduce and reuse whenever possible today – Nov. 15 is America Recycles Day.

Einigkeit macht stark: Hello to our many readers in Belgium, where they’re having a busy one – Nov. 15 is both the King’s Feast, a national holiday marking the rule of Leopold I, Belgium’s first king, and the Day of the German-Speaking Community of Belgium, a regional holiday saluting one of the sovereign nation’s three official languages.

For the record, only about 1 percent of Belgium’s population speaks German – they mostly speak Dutch and French.

Article accelerator: They spoke English in the USA on this date in 1777, when the Articles of Confederation – essentially, the first United States constitution, not to be replaced by the U.S. Constitution until 1789 – was ratified by the Continental Congress.

Razor’s edge: Freemason, inventor and industrialist King Camp Gillette.

A safety first: Industrious Boston-based inventor King Gillette patented his safety razor, the first to use disposable blades, on this date in 1904.

Other U.S. patents issued on this date include one in 1960 for scientists Paul Marsal, Karl Kordesch and Lewis Urry, who locked up the alkaline dry-cell battery for the Union Carbide Corp.

On the air: Network radio was born on Nov. 15, 1926, when the fledgling NBC Radio Network broadcasted four hours of programming over two dozen radio stations.

And now we have “The Mandalorian”: But there might not be a Disney+ without the Walt Disney Art School, a night school for Disney illustrators that opened on this date in 1932.

Tunnel vision: The dual-tube (each about 1.2 miles) Queens-Midtown Tunnel, connecting Queens and Manhattan under the East River, opened to vehicular traffic on Nov. 15, 1940.

Nyet: The USSR’s one-and-done space shuttle.

Shuttle shutdown: And it was this date in 1988 when the Soviet Union launched the spaceplane Buran (“Snowstorm”), a direct response to the successful U.S. Space Shuttle program.

The Buran’s only recorded flight was an unmanned, two-orbit run around the block with a safe re-entry and landing. It never flew again, as funding problems forced the Soviets to abandon their space shuttle plans.

She identified “Typhoid Mary,” too: American physician Sara Josephine Baker (1873-1945) – a pioneer of public health and child welfare, responsible for free milk clinics, licensed midwives, numerous hygienic innovations and a dramatically reduced infant-mortality rate – would be 146 years old today.

Georgia on my mind: O’Keeffe, hands-on.

Also born on Nov. 15 were German-born British astronomer William Herschel (1738-1822), who invented telescopes, catalogued nebulae and discovered Uranus; ill-fated American painter John Banvard (1815-1891), who loved panoramas; pioneering British aircraft designer Sir Frederick Handley Page (1885-1962); iconic American sculptor and painter Georgia O’Keeffe (1887-1986); and Judge Joseph Wapner (1919-2017), longtime jurist of “The People’s Court.”

The sandman: And buon compleanno, Roberto Cavalli! The famed Italian inventor and fashion designer – creator of the popular sand-blasted look for jeans, high-end perfumes and luxurious clothing lines – turns 79 today.

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Puncher’s chance: The 2020 election is too close to call, according to the Kalikow School of Government (impeachments notwithstanding).

Poll positions: Slightly more than half of likely voters would choose former Vice President Joe Biden or Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in a head-to-head matchup with President Trump – but they’d choose Trump handily over former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, according to a new political poll by Hofstra University’s Peter S. Kalikow School of Government.

The poll – the first by the circa-2016 Kalikow School – was conducted in October by London-based data analytics firm YouGov and is based on interviews with 1,608 YouGov panelists, each 18 or older and likely to vote in next year’s presidential election. Those interviews were “matched down” to 1,500 respondents using a “proximity matching method,” according to Hofstra.

Among the survey’s key findings: Independent voters tend to favor Trump, while suburban voters skew toward the Democratic field, with Biden and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren in a virtual dead heat among Democrats and Sanders and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg trailing. “The race is close,” according to Craig Burnett, associate professor of political science in the Kalikow School and a co-designer of the poll. “Many voters [support] Trump’s position on issues they find important. Many voters, including suburbanites, would prefer someone other than Donald Trump to win in 2020.”

Downstate upgrade: Graduates of SUNY Old Westbury’s Health and Society bachelor’s degree program will receive priority consideration for admission into the Master of Public Health program at Brooklyn-based SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University’s School of Public Health, under an agreement announced Wednesday by the two SUNY institutions.

The new collaboration follows a similar agreement announced in April providing priority admission to as many as 23 qualifying Old Westbury graduates annually into Downstate’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Physical Therapy and Master of Science/Physician Assistant programs. That agreement has also been upgraded, now adding priority admission for five SUNY Old Westbury grads into Downstate’s Master of Medical Informatics program.

The first group of Old Westbury students could be accepted and enrolled in Downstate’s Master of Public Health program as early as the Spring 2020 semester – a “huge advantage for SUNY Old Westbury in recruiting the best and brightest undergraduate students,” according to Barbara Hillery, dean of Old Westbury’s School of Arts and Science.



Imperial march: Empire State College finally has boots on the ground in Suffolk County, with its new Selden campus officially christened this week.

Locked in: By targeting specific industry gaps (like PSEG’s need for coders), Workforce Opportunity Services helps the underserved increase their employability.

The old switcheroo: Stony Brook University found the ideal leader for its School of Health Technology and Management at another Long Island university.



The simulated “war room” attacks in Hofstra’s new Cybersecurity Innovation and Research Center are so real, it’s scary. Also scary: Henry Schein’s bottom line.



Innovate LI’s inbox overrunneth with inspirational innovations from all North American corners. This week’s brightest out-of-towners:

From California: Irvine-based analytics expert Smart Chain Accelerator tracks stolen valuables with GPS-powered “virtual security guard.”

From Florida: Tallahassee-based website designer Municode partners with international SaaS ace Monsido to improve local-government websites.

From Illinois: Chicago-based drone specialist Helios Visions lands coveted FAA waiver for overhead operations.



Chris Anzelone

+ Chris Anzelone has been hired as a client advisor at Cook Maran in Melville. He previously served as director of sales and acquisitions at Ohio-based Davenport Financial Group.

+ Bibas Changbang has been hired as a construction inspector at Syosset-based Lockwood, Kessler & Bartlett. He previously served as an assistant estimator at R.A.M.S. Mechanical in College Point.

+ Nancy Arato has been hired as director of marketing for Melville-based Prestige Employee Administrators. She previously served as director of marketing strategy at pdvWireless (now Anterix) in New Jersey.

+ Peter Diakovasilis has been promoted to partner in the tax practice at Melville-based BDO. He previously served as senior manager.

+ Peter Sluka has been hired as a commercial litigation associate in Farrell Fritz’s Manhattan office. He previously served as an associate at Schlam Stone & Dolan LLP in Manhattan.


BELOW THE FOLD (Rod Stewart Edition)

Track star: Yes, that’s a model railroad. Yes, Rod Stewart built it.

Forever young: Twenty-three years later, the iconic rocker finally finishes his epic model railroad.

Da ya think I’m flexy? Celebrating the accidental invention of Play-Doh.

Wake up, Maggie: Human society peaks as science invents an alarm clock that brews your morning coffee.

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