‘Sim baby’ lives as LIU Post opens care simulator

Practice rounds: Students will dive into real-world scenarios inside LIU Post's new Inter-Professional Learning Institute Simulation Center.

Championing an “experiential approach to educating the next generation of healthcare professionals,” Long Island University has raised the curtain on the Inter-Professional Learning Institute Simulation Laboratory.

The LIU Post School of Health Professions and Nursing hosted a special ribbon-cutting ceremony Oct. 14 to officially open the state-of-the-art healthcare simulation lab, designed to promote collaborations between future nurses and other healthcare professionals – and prepare them “for roles in an increasingly complex and interdisciplinary healthcare environment,” LIU Post said in a statement.

Utilizing “advanced simulation equipment,” the center replicates real-world situations to help students learn proper interventions, increase their self-confidence and refine their inter-professional skills – essentially, helping them learn to work well with other healthcare professionals.

Stocked with the same equipment and supplies found in a “real hospital,” the simulation center also boasts eight faculty-controlled robotic mannequins that “model human behavior,” according to LIU Post, including lifelike reactions to CPR, medications and other medical interventions.

Simulation celebration: With LIU Post VP Lori Knapp looking on, Northwell Health exec Winifred Mack, RN, cuts to the chase.

One of the mannequins is even with child, so to speak, and ready at any time to deliver a robotic “sim baby,” which responds to treatments and helps students practice for live births.

The center’s curriculum includes actual case-based scenarios that “identify common domains among healthcare professionals,” according to LIU Post, while reinforcing the unique responsibilities of each healthcare provider “by highlighting the values, ethics and communication skills necessary to provide safe, effective individuated patient-centered care.”

“What’s different about this center is that … students work together to learn teamwork and be the best healthcare professionals they can be,” noted Stacy Gropack, dean of the LIU Post School of Health Professions and Nursing. “This center provides a safe environment to create simulations so our students are ready for real-world situations.”

Joining the dean at Saturday’s ribbon-cutting was a host of regional healthcare and academic dignitaries, including university President Kimberly Cline; RN Winifred Mack, an LIU Post alumna and the Northwell Health system’s senior vice president of operations; and Lori Knapp, LIU Post’s VP for academic affairs.

The School of Health Professions and Nursing is composed of five academic programs: Biomedical Science, Health Sciences, Nursing, Nutrition and Social Work.