State adds 16 to Start-Up NY program; none here

Welcome to the family: Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Start-Up NY program added four new members today, including two on Long Island.

Sixteen new companies have been added to the Start-Up NY program, with next-level technological endeavors once again setting the tone.

Start-Up NY creates zones around colleges and universities where businesses that commit to creating net new jobs in New York State can operate 100 percent tax-free for 10 years – paying no state income tax, business or corporate state or local taxes, sales tax, property tax or franchise fees.

The companies also partner with sponsoring higher-education institutions, including access to the schools’ industry experts and advanced research laboratories.

Tech plays heavy in this round of appointments, with multiple software, bioscience and laboratory-services firms launching or relocating near Binghamton University, Cornell University, Columbia-Greene Community College, New York University, the University at Buffalo, Hudson Valley Community College, SUNY Binghamton, Schenectady County Community College, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Iona College and Rockland Community College.

To date, 75 statewide colleges are participating in the program, including Stony Brook University and Farmingdale State College.

Among Wednesday’s inductees is a firm designing “virtual desktops” – high-efficiency computers that operate over the web – and a big-data firm developing a “content recommendation system” based on patent-pending algorithmic models that dynamically correlate content based on real-time behaviors and user feedback.

Other firms welcomed into the fold Wednesday focus on light manufacturing of biodegradable healthcare products, development of self-navigation technologies for boats and ships and the creation of a location-based e-commerce mobile app.

None of the 16 new additions is on Long Island, though the Island already has 22 up-and-coming firms enrolled in Start-Up NY. Located around SBU or Farmingdale State, the 22 companies have committed to creating a combined 247 new jobs and investing more than $16.6 million in the regional economy over the next five years.

The 16 Western New York, Southern Tier, Central New York, New York City, Capital District and Mid-Hudson businesses announced Wednesday have committed to creating 470 new jobs and investing roughly $43 million in the state economy.

All told, the 157 statewide firms so far accepted into the Empire State Development-managed program have promised to create nearly 4,300 jobs and invest more than $275 million.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the Start-Up NY program is proving to be an economic game-changer “by attracting new companies, jobs and private investment to … every corner of the state.”

“This program continues to diversify and strengthen our local economies and send the message that New York State is open for business,” the governor said.

Empire State Development regularly reviews participating companies to ensure they are making good on their job-creation and economic-investment promises, and has the authority to terminate noncompliant companies from program participation.

“With 157 companies now participating, Start-Up NY continues to attract and encourage the best and the brightest businesses to grow in New York,” Empire State Development President and CEO Howard Zemsky said in a statement. “In turn, these businesses are strengthening the state’s economy and generating thousands of new jobs for New Yorkers.”

Added were:

Iona College

Syncsort will relocate its headquarters from New Jersey to New York’s Mid-Hudson Region. The global software company provides powerful, secure, enterprise-grade software that spans “Big Iron to Big Data,” including fast-growing analytical platforms such as Apache Hadoop, Splunk, Apache Spark and the cloud, as well as mature, business critical platforms such as the IBM mainframe. Syncsort;s products are deployed in top Fortune 500 companies across industries such as financial services, healthcare, telecommunications and other data intensive domains. The company will create 144 net new jobs and invest $2,895,000.
New York University

Paperspace, Co. is a formative stage, high-technology company delivering high-performance computers over the web. The company has developed a proprietary streaming protocol that makes remote computers feel native and are able to do this without using a traditional installer. The protocol is currently being beta tested. The company will create 71 new jobs and invest $287,000.

Rabt Technologies is a new big-data company that is developing a content recommendation system based on a patent-pending algorithmic personalization model. By incorporating real time behavior and user feedback into the algorithms, it dynamically correlates content to users and creates the most appealing playlists or recommendations for every user, thus increasing engagement and retention. The company will create 23 new jobs and invest $485,000.

University at Buffalo

Abcombi Biosciences is a new biotechnology company in the preclinical-stage of developing technology platforms that can be tailored and applied to any disease that is treatable via prophylactic vaccination. In particular, the company is strategically focused on vaccination against highly variable pathogens – for example, influenza and Streptococcus pneumonia – as well as single-shot vaccine consolidation and global vaccine accessibility. The company will create 47 new jobs and invest $1,860,000.

Buffalo Automation Group is an incubator graduate developing cutting-edge self-navigation technology for boats and ships. The company’s advanced marine autopilot enables a watercraft to operate autonomously – that is, without humans – while avoiding marine hazards both on the surface and underwater using an advanced array of sensors. This technology, currently in the form of a 16 ft. twin-hulled robot, is game-changing, since cargo ships can now operate with fewer crew members and recreational boaters can sail with peace of mind. The company will create five new jobs and invest $675,000.

Healthcare Hub is an existing company that will begin light manufacturing operations in New York State, producing green medical products for the health-care industry. The company is currently in the research and development phase of developing medical supplies and equipment that are biodegradable. The company is looking to reduce health-care waste and environmental pollution by producing biodegradable, eco-friendly alternative medical products for health-care institutions. The company will create 11 new jobs and invest $1,068,000.

Laboratory Integration Management Services is a new software development company that has developed a business-to-business platform to connect electronic health record systems installed at hospitals and external firms offering diagnostic genetic testing. The platform automates ordering, processing, status tracking, and reporting of genetic testing. The company will partner with and utilize the Buffalo Institute for Genomics’ assets to create a commercial data warehouse for genomic and phenotypical data. The company will create six (6) new jobs and invest $50,000.

Snowberg is a new software development company focused on developing a website/mobile app, Ditoo, which is a social media based e-commerce platform. Ditoo will be implemented with graphical map user interface and e-commerce services provided on personal connections between the user and application. The user interface design is innovative, and the commercial services between connections will help ease the tension between service provider and receiver, pushing the demands for deals. The company will create three new jobs and invest $45,500.

Hudson Valley Community College is a new software development company that produces mass-market Mobile Virtual Reality software and hardware. The company sells software that allows any mobile smartphone user to access their personal content with a Virtual Reality Headset. The software is operating system agnostic and multi-lingual and globalized. The company will create 44 new jobs and invest $1,080,488.

Columbia-Greene Community College

Hudson Valley Fish Farm, Inc. is an existing New York business that is building & operating North America’s largest land-based, egg-to-plate Steelhead farm. The company is focused on producing high quality seafood that is hormone and antibiotic free in the heart of the Hudson Valley. In addition to salmon production, they are also piloting farming shrimp in recirculating systems. The company will create 29 new jobs and invest $4.25 million.

SUNY Downstate Medical Center

CortecNet Corp., an international biomedical research company expanding to New York, has become one of the leading companies in the supply of labeled compounds for structural biology determination by nuclear magnetic resonance. The company has locations in France, Bulgaria, Thailand and California. CortecNet already has over 1,000 customers worldwide including about 50 in the United States. The company plans to expand its production in Brooklyn and to put in place some preclinical studies with the perspective of producing novel compounds for imaging applications in human bodies. The company will create five new jobs and invest $150,000.

EpiBone is an existing New York business that performs preclinical trials on revolutionary bone reconstruction, allowing patients to “grow their own bone.” EpiBone’s pioneering technology utilizes a scan of the patient’s bone defect and the patient’s own stem cells to construct and cultivate a bone graft that will provide exact defect repair, a simplified surgical procedure, improved bone formation and regeneration and shorter recovery times, without the complications of foreign body implantation. The company will create 21 new jobs and invest $4,620,000.

Cornell University

Ursa Space Systems is an existing NYS-based satellite as-a-service company that specializes in delivering aerial and space-based data products to improve geographic mapping and location-based information services by providing day, night, and all-weather coverage. The company has a unique spacecraft design which utilizes a low cost, synthetic aperture radar and can provide diverse and rich data products in all conditions. The company will create 22 new jobs and invest $22.5 million.

SUNY Binghamton University

SensAttire is a new research and development company devoted to finding innovative ways to utilize its proprietary flexible electronic fabric in the medical, athletic, home and industrial markets. SensAttire will locate to the incubator at the Engineering and Science building in Vestal. The company will create 21 net new jobs and invest $3 million.
Schenectady County Community College is a formative stage company in NY that has developed a crowdfunding platform utilized by individuals, non-profit organizations, clubs, schools and businesses to raise money. Users have the ability to launch and market campaigns via social media tools. End-users have the ability to donate to an individual or organization via credit card using a secure check out process. The platform is ready for public use and next steps include hiring. The company will create 11 new jobs and invest $11,000.

Rockland Community College

York Analytical Laboratories is a Connecticut company relocating its corporate headquarters to Rockland County. York is one of the leading NELAC environmental laboratories in the Northeast. York’s focus is servicing the NY/CT/NJ engineering community with analyses of regulated contaminants in soil, water and air. The company will relocate six jobs from Connecticut and invest $130,000.

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