Survey: No brain drain at Farmingdale State

Now hiring: Or at least getting graduates hired, according to an impressive post-graduation survey.

Brain drain? Not at Farmingdale State College.

The State University of New York school is trumpeting a recent survey of alumni that shows 90 percent of bachelor’s degree recipients are employed within six months of graduation – and nearly three quarters of those employed persons, 74 percent, work on Long Island.

The literal-named Six Months After Graduation Survey was completed by 58 percent of the combined members of the classes of August 2014, December 2014 and May 2015 – 824 total respondents, according to Farmingdale State.

Among its key findings: 83 percent of those post-graduation workers were employed in full-time capacities, while 74 percent – the same percentage of those working on Long Island, though not necessarily the same workers – had taken jobs related to their field of study.

The numbers stand in stark contrast to longstanding concerns about Long Island’s “brain drain” problem, in which regional residents and other students take advantage of the Island’s topnotch educational institutions, then pack up their degrees – and everything else – and head to other regions in search of better employment opportunities and lifestyle choices.

Farmingdale State President John Nader proclaimed the survey – which showed that 47 percent of those post-graduation workers secured professional positions before finishing their FSC degree programs – proof of “the kinds of outcomes that occur when we not only offer first-class teaching, but provide our students with significant real-world, hands-on experience outside the classroom.”

“In today’s highly competitive job market, students must have both, and we are proud to note how well our students are utilizing the opportunities we provide them,” Nader said in a statement.

Other survey highlights:

  • 19 percent of respondents reported an annual salary of at least $60,000 (48 percent reported at least $40,000)
  • 59 percent of employed graduates believe FSC prepared them “extremely well” or “very well” for their current position (69 percent among those working in jobs related to their majors)
  • 78 percent are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with their jobs
  • 20 percent reported having gone through an internship while studying at FSC, with 38 percent of those respondents being offered a permanent position at the company where they interned

This fall, Farmingdale State – the largest college of applied science and technology in the SUNY system – boasted a fall enrollment of more than 9,000 students. According to the school, that gives FSC the second-largest undergraduate population of any Nassau or Suffolk county four-year institution, trailing only Stony Brook University.

The top FSC academic programs in terms of post-graduation employment are business management, science & technology and nursing, followed by “law enforcement technology” and computer programming.

The entire study is available here for review.