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No. 446: In which octogenarians race, future doctors suit up and the Mouse House roars

  Middle of the road: Welcome to Wednesday, dear readers, as we reach the midpoint of another busy week of socioeconomic innovation. It’s Oct. 16 out there – Boss’s Day in the United States and Canada, when we salute the fair and loveable leaders who sign our checks and keep the ship on course. Alternates: Those less eager to celebrate their supervisory situation might consider World Food Day, or perhaps World Anesthesia Day would help….

No. 346: Taking off at JFK, soaring at SBU and landing a 5G network (and why office workers tend to crash at 3 o’clock)

Welcome to the weekend: And kudos, courageous reader – you’ve conquered another busy workweek and earned a two-day respite. It’s Oct. 5 all over the place, and if you had Heraclius arriving at Constantinople in 610 AD, killing Byzantine Emperor Phocas and becoming emperor himself, well done. Nobody saw that coming. Especially Phocas. We could learn a thing or two: Here in the 21st Century, its World Teachers’ Day, a United Nations World Educational, Scientific…

SUNY Old Westbury dean earns ACS fellowship

By GREGORY ZELLER // A SUNY Old Westbury dean has joined the ranks of a select group of national scientists. Barbara Hillery, dean of the college’s School of Arts and Sciences, has been chosen for inclusion in the 2018 American Chemical Society Fellows Program. Now in its 10th year, the ACS Fellows Program recognizes existing ACS members for “outstanding achievements in and contributions to science, the profession and the ACS,” according to a statement issued…