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In Merrill Lynch deal, another score for SmartCoparent

By GREGORY ZELLER // An up-and-coming app angling itself as the best friend of the separated co-parent is now offering access to top-shelf Merrill Lynch financial advisors – the first of a series of carefully selected experts familiar with the “unique and complex financial characteristics” of divorced families. So says Gregory Wagner, founder and CEO of Hauppauge-based Aeonic Ventures, producer of the SmartCoparent app, an all-in-one digital platform designed to simplify the often-chaotic lives of…

No. 333: On science fiction, science facts, Dowling’s determined demeanor and a ‘smarter’ Long Island

Middle ground: Happy Wednesday, dear readers, and especially you, new newsletter subscribers Marguerite, Mike, Alena, David and Carrie. Welcome to the show. It’s Aug. 22 and the midpoint of another busy week of socioeconomic progress. And it’s Flag Day in Russia. Do with that what you will. Take a Bao: It’s also the second-annual National Bao Day (true story), which is not a salute to the villain in the sci-fi novel “Quantum Acres” but is…

Smarten up: LI leaders must embrace ‘smart’ tech now

By BOB ISAKSEN // Long Island’s population is on the rise: Recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows three of the top-five towns for population growth in New York State are located on the Island. Although it brings immense opportunity for local communities and businesses, this growth also brings new considerations in urban planning. Long Island communities are facing new challenges with dated infrastructure, and this will have major implications for the local economy….