electronic health records

Keeping it real, in a world of med-tech marvels

By TERRY LYNAM // Healthcare embraces constantly evolving tools and processes to help those who are sick and vulnerable – and to continue fulfilling this purpose, we need technology companies and venture capital firms to understand and appreciate our mission and business models. Healthcare-related technologies and product concepts would often benefit if their developers had a better handle on real-world applications. Hospitals are ecosystems of humanity’s highs, lows and in-betweens – all day, every day….

Northwell, IT ace Allscripts going for the record

By GREGORY ZELLER // New York State’s largest health system and a Chicago-based provider of digital healthcare solutions are teaming up on a new electronic health record system. New Hyde Park-based Northwell Health, the state’s largest healthcare provider by number of employees and number of patients, will unite with healthcare IT expert Allscripts to create a cloud-based, voice-enabled, artificial intelligence-equipped EHR platform, with design and testing based exclusively on input from Northwell clinicians, technicians and…