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Alessi: LI must work together on a 5G future

By MARC ALESSI // It’s no secret that Long Island has problems with cellphone service. More than 200 cellphone “dead zones” were identified in late 2016, as well as poor-quality network speed, reliability and performance. U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has even urged carriers to improve coverage on the Island. As a longtime resident of the North Shore, I have witnessed firsthand what it means to not have reliable wireless connectivity with our mobile-enabled electronics….

Embracing Long Island’s 5G future, before it’s too late

By GREGORY ZELLER // The window to Long Island’s data-connectivity future is wide open – but it will close fast if regional rainmakers don’t get with the 5G program. That’s the professional assessment of Marc Alessi, a partner at Garden City-based business consultancy/government affairs firm Shelter Rock Strategies, which for the past year has represented a client on ultra-broadband’s cutting edge. The client is ExteNet Systems, a Chicago-based provider of advanced mobile-connectivity and distributed-networks solutions….