IBM Watson

No. 396: Inventing spam, honoring McCall and challenging Hofstra’s entrepreneurs (plus Modern Monetary Theory, in color)

  It’s Friday the 12th: And there’s nothing to fear, dear readers, as we reach the end of this latest springtime workweek and welcome another well-earned weekend. Rocket man: Today is Cosmonautics Day in Russia, the International Day of Human Space Flight and, in many countries, Yuri’s Night – all commemorating Vostok 1, the first manned spaceflight in human history, which blasted off April 12, 1961. The short spaceshot carried Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin through…

In accounting, a little artificial flavor goes a long way

By GREGORY ZELLER // Not all of artificial intelligence is working to infiltrate national defense systems and annihilate humanity in an apocalyptic firestorm. Some AI just wants to get you a better tax return. That’s the human thinking, at least, as artificial thinking spreads throughout the matrix at New York City-based accounting giant EisnerAmper. The firm has already plugged AI protocols into various corporate offices, and will bring them soon to EisnerAmper’s thriving Syosset satellite….

With Watson’s help, Adelphi hackers wow IBM judges

A team of crack Adelphi University computer-science students took second place, and a step toward a potential commercial venture, at a recent New York City hackathon. Students Sarthak Arora, Prasanth Venigalla, Jai Punjwani and Harmit Minhas, all projected members of the Class of 2018 at the Garden City university, captured the $1,500 runner-up prize at the API-First Hackathon, a three-day June coding event sponsored by MobileMonday, a national community of innovators, entrepreneurs and other tech-minded…