Kevin Hesselbirg

No. 459: In which science, magic and fish prevail – and Long Island’s minimum wage approaches its max

  Getting good at this: Another successful workweek in the books, another hard-earned weekend in the offing – well done, intrepid innovators, you’ve done it again. It’s Dec. 6 out there, a date that stands out regardless of your color or creed or birthplace or borders, a day for family and friends and peace in our time. We speak, of course, of the Day of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of Azerbaijan….

Appointees enrich Hofstra’s Center for Entrepreneurship

By GREGORY ZELLER // They’re powering up at Hofstra University’s three-year-old Center for Entrepreneurship, where a transfusion of fresh blood is kicking innovation to new levels. The center has tapped a diverse and experienced group of business and economic leaders to serve on a new Advisory Board, providing everything from financial support to program-development guidance to student mentoring. Mentoring, obviously, is also the primary focus of the center’s first-ever “mentor in residence.” Chris Lopinto, president…

Hofstra names 6 residents in entrepreneurship

Six accomplished businesspeople with dozens of startups under their combined belts, and a wealth of experience nurturing other early-stage enterprises, will bring their wisdom to the Hofstra University Center for Entrepreneurship this spring. The center’s first-ever entrepreneurs-in-residence – Aaron Foss, Kevin Hesselbirg, Peter Kestenbaum, Jeff Leventhal, Mike Quilty and Barbara Roberts – will mentor students through interactive workshops designed to help the next generation of entrepreneurs turn ideas into successful business ventures. Mark Lesko, former…