Luminati VTOL

With Riverhead’s nod, CAT set to soar in Calverton

By GREGORY ZELLER // A development team with big plans for a reinvigorated Long Island aerospace industry spread its wings Wednesday night, soaring straight toward its long-desired nest. Calverton Aviation & Technology, a 2017 LLC formed by partners Luminati Aerospace and Triple Five Worldwide Group, was deemed “qualified and eligible” by the Riverhead Community Development Agency, clearing the runway for a $40 million, 1,643-acre purchase agreement previously negotiated by Luminati and the Town of Riverhead….

EPCAL delay diverts Luminati VTOL to upstate landing

By GREGORY ZELLER // An aerospace company looking to make a splash in the emerging field of solar-powered flight has reached back through the decades to power up an ambitious new division. Over the last year, Calverton-based Luminati Aerospace has gobbled up entire helicopter-manufacturing firms, and key assets from several other rotor-based companies, including Gyrodyne LLC (formerly Gyrodyne Company of America) and Rotor Flight Dynamics. These acquisitions of companies, designs and manufacturing rights are the…