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No. 401: Manufacturing optimism, planning to win and crusading in capes – plus, the importance of summer schooling 

  May day! Don’t panic, dear readers – it’s merely the first of May and the midpoint of another busy week of socioeconomic innovation (being Wednesday and all). For the record, with a long (and sometimes dark) history extending back thousands of years, May Day is not all maypoles and pies. Let freedom ring: Here in the 21st Century, May 1 marks Armed Forces Day in Mauritania and Constitution Day in both Argentina and Latvia….

Purolator’s latest LI Index sparkles with positivity

By GREGORY ZELLER // Optimism abounds in the latest edition of the Purolator Long Island Supply Chain Index, with regional manufacturers especially jazzed about production and hiring. Jericho-based logistics ace Purolator International released its 2019 Long Island index data Tuesday, after surveying regional manufacturers and collating their projections for the next six months. Working on a scale of zero (complete decline) to 100 (complete expansion), the index tallied a 67.5 score overall – a “strong…